Chili’s classic menu items get a bold, flavorful upgrade

Chili's upgrades its Crispy Crisper Combos, photo provided by Chili's
Chili's upgrades its Crispy Crisper Combos, photo provided by Chili's /

While some people might remember that iconic commercial jingle about baby back ribs, Chili’s has many iconic menu items that have guests coming back time and again. Just in time for summer, several Chili’s classic menu items have received an upgrade and it is time to rediscover why people fell in love with the brand who pioneered the fast casual restaurant concept.

Chili’s is known for certain food and beverage items. One of them is their margaritas. The classic Chili’s sour and hand shaken margaritas draw people to the table. It does not have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy that sour cocktail.

Over the years, the classic margarita has become more than just a customization of on the rock or frozen or with or without salt. The Margarita of the Month program has had guests making a special trip. Also, those special cocktails opened the door to showcasing how the margarita can evolve. From flavors to collaborations with certain liquor brands, it might have foreshadowed the recent change.

Chili's premium margaritas
Chili’s adds more premium margarita options, photo provided by Chili’s /

According to a Chili’s spokesperson, the new Chili’s Premium Margaritas give guests more options on the cocktail menu. With choices like Casamigos and Teremana Tequila, the goal is for the restaurant brand to have the most robust selection of margaritas and tequilas.

While the evolution of the margarita is important to restaurant brand, other Chili’s classic menu items are getting a flavor upgrade. Both the young and young at heart love the Chili’s Crispers. Those perfectly breaded all-white chicken breast pieces are even crispier and juicier. Whether paired with mac and cheese or fries, it is time to rediscover why that chicken just tastes so good.

Lastly, burgers have always been big business at Chili’s. Now, guests can add additional half-pound patty to any specialty or classic burger options. The Double Old Timer with cheese is a perfect example how bigger is better with the classic burger.

It is time to rediscover why Chili’s is and will continue to be a favorite fast casual restaurant brand. The Chili’s classic menu items are even tastier than ever. Ready to sit down at the table?