McDonald’s first purple shake celebrates Grimace’s birthday

McDonald's first purple shake for Grimace's birthday, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's first purple shake for Grimace's birthday, photo provided by McDonald's /

While the mint green hue brings a lucky sip of the Shamrock Shake, it seems that colorful sips are back on the menu at the iconic quick service restaurant. In honor of Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s first purple shake is here. Ready to place that Grimace’s Birthday Meal order?

At McDonald’s certain menu items are iconic. From the World Famous Fries to the Big Mac, the anticipation of that bite comes with the visual. Anyone can tell a McD’s fry container or the unmistakable stack of that burger and buns.

While there are classic menu items, the quick service restaurant brand understands that enjoying a McDonald’s meal is more than just another stop at the drive-thru. Some people will only go to the Golden Arches. Whether it is thinking about that first Happy Meal or remember the fun in the Play Place, the connection between food, flavor and memories runs deep.

Although many of the old-school McDonald’s characters are not as prominent in the conversation, Grimace, with its purple color, is part of that nostalgic memory. Unlike the devious methods of the Hamburlgar, Grimace is the likeable, fun loving character that brings smiles all around.

Grimace's birthday celebration with purple shake at McDonald's
Grimace celebrates his birthday with McDonald’s friends, photo provided by McDonald’s /

As Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s USA said, “Our fans have amazing childhood memories of their birthdays at McDonald’s…and Grimace’s Birthday is all about paying homage to the amazing, fun moments we all share. We’re excited to put a modern spin on these memories to continue to drive McDonald’s relevance with a new generation. Grimace is the perfect lovable icon to have McDonald’s meet our fans at the intersection of nostalgia and culture.”

In honor of Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s first purple shake has come to the menu. As part of the Grimace’s Birthday meal, there is a purple shake. It appears that the only way to get this colorful dessert is via the meal. Still, many people will happily order all the food just for that sweet sip.

McDonald's first purple shake for Grimace's birthday
McDonald’s first purple shake for Grimace’s birthday, photo provided by McDonald’s /

Although people can joke about the availability of frozen treats, everyone will be hopeful that the shake machine will be pouring many purple shakes. It does not appear that the shake has a particular flavor; rather it is just vibrantly color.

While this idea is for Grimace’s Birthday, it will be interesting to see if this concept is repeated with other characters. Could a red shake for Ronald arrive in the future? It might never replace the love of the Shamrock Shake, but a rainbow of shake options could be exciting for guests.

The Grimace Birthday meal, including McDonald’s first purple shake, will be available starting June 12. Additional birthday celebrations will happen across the brand, including a charity drive for Ronald McDonald House Charities.