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Monster Mash Remix Cereal features the newest monster, Carmella Creeper

Monster Mash Remix Cereal, photo provided by General Mills
Monster Mash Remix Cereal, photo provided by General Mills /

While it might be more than halfway to Halloween, General Mills Monsters Cereal has a new member joining the spooky gang. Carmella Creeper will have her own flavor and will be featured in the Monster Mash Remix Cereal. Ready to listen to her ghoulish groove?

Since 1971, Monsters Cereals have been delighting fans. While some people might pick their favorite box by flavor, others are drawn to the particular characters. Each one has their own persona. From howling at the moon to floating through the castle, the haunted season is even more festive when these characters join the fun.

Over the years, General Mills has brought those favorite monsters to light in different ways. Remember those specially created busts from a few years ago? What about that song when the Monsters joined forces? Each and every version has been devoured by fans. And, those fans have been wanting more. This year, General Mills is bringing new life to the classic cereal in the form of Carmella Creeper.

Carmella Creeper Monsters Cereals
Carmella Creeper is the newest Monsters Cereal, photo provided General Mills /

For the first time, Monsters Cereals are adding Carmella Creeper. A zombie DJ, she is the cousin of Franken Berry. Bringing the beat to the after-life party, Carmella Creeper should add some flair to that Monster Bash. Whether the groove is upbeat or mellow, she will get everyone moving.

While the character is engaging, her cereal flavor choice is even more interesting. According to General Mills, Carmella Creeper’s flavor features caramel-apple-flavored pieces with colored Monster marshmallows. Given that caramel apples are popular during Halloween, the flavor seems season specific.

Although the color and the flavor combination makes sense, adding caramel-apple to the mix appeals to both young and old. The green color, which probably will make some zombie inspired cereal milk, will make people smile, not have that glazed over morning zombie look. More importantly, the blend of sweet caramel and slightly tart apple with the marshmallow adds a touch of balance to each spoonful. Even though this cereal is on the sweet side, it is more than a bowl full of sugar.

In addition to Carmella Creeper’s own cereal, she is joining all the other Monsters in the Monster Mash Remix Cereal. The mash-up features all six Monsters and their respective flavors: Carmella Creeper, Frute Brute, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Yummy Mummy.

Monster Mash Remix Cereal from General Mills
Monster Mash Remix Cereal, photo provided by General Mills /

The various marshmallow pieces floating in the cereal bowl could be the sweet, spooky way to start the day. Some people might be curious to create the perfect bowl with a balanced amount of each marshmallow. Others might let fate choose the outcome.

Given this remix idea, it could have some cereal fans wondering if other mashups could be in the future. While another cereal brand has offered two cereal in the mash-up offerings, other companies might follow. Could there be a day where Cookie Crisp joins forces with Cocoa Puffs?

The General Mills Monster Mash Cereal Remix, as well as the new Carmella Creeper cereal and the other Monsters Cereals will be available later in the summer. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.