Circulon ScratchDefense Technology is a nonstick cookware game changer

From scrambled eggs to a fish filet, a nonstick pan is a kitchen essential. While many cooks will have at least one of those skillets, it must be used with some care. That smooth surface can easily be scratched with the wrong kitchen tool. With the Circulon ScratchDefense Technology, cooks do not have to worry about damaging that cooking surface.

Many cooks have a wide array of cookware. From that cast iron pan that creates the perfect sear to the stackable stockpots that can handle a variety of items, versatility is key. One of those items is a non-stick pan.

While everyone might want to have a non-stick pan, the pan’s durability is a deciding factor in the purchase decision. No one wants a pan that has a limited lifetime. Although few home cooks will use a pan as vigorously as a professional kitchen, durability is key. Given that kitchen essentials are an investment, the choice needs to ensure that the surface will foster a well-prepared meal.

The new Circulon ScratchDefenese Technology has been tested to withstand more than 350,000 lab-conducted heavy metal scrapes. It has been shown to last 130 times longer than the competition. While those numbers are staggering, it is a statement that this pan is built to last.

Circulon ScratchDefense Technology nonstick cookware

Circulon ScratchDefense Technology, nonstick cookware, is the kitchen essential, photo provided by Circulon

While all those superlatives create excitement over the Circulon pan, it is the customer who has to try, hold, and use the pan. Even if the utmost care is used on most occasions, it is the errant kitchen tool that will not damage the pan that makes the difference. Knowing that this pan can be put to the test and survive is the reason why many people have decided to put it in the kitchen.

The Circulon ScratchDefense Technology pans have people leaning toward that purchase because of the surface, but the pan’s design makes it easy to use. From the ergonomically designed handles to the tempered glass lids each and every element was crafted with the home cook in mind. It might not necessarily make a cook a master chef, but it will help to avoid some simple cooking mistakes.

Currently, the Circulon offering is available on and other retailers. It is sold in various sets as well as open stock. Prices range from $39.99 for 10 in open fry pan to 10-piece set for $299.99.