BlendJet 2 is the must-have dorm room essential for college freshmen

BlendJet 2 is perfect for a college dorm room, photo by Cristine Struble
BlendJet 2 is perfect for a college dorm room, photo by Cristine Struble /

As kids leave the comfort of home behind and learn to navigate the college life, there are some dorm room essentials that can make the daily life a little easier. Beyond the small refrigerator or even the noise canceling headphones for the snoring roommate, one other item can whip up that easy breakfast, study snack, or just anytime treat. It is the BlendJet 2.

From smoothies to protein shakes to even that frozen coffee, BlendJet 2 makes quick work of all those beverages. The portable, chargeable blender has become a favorite with many people. Even though there is a time and a place for that professional blender, this convenient option is perfect for the college student.

With a USB cord for charging, the portable blender can be used up to 15 times on a single 1.5 hour charge. Whether it is a week’s worth of morning smoothies or even a coffee drink that helps keep that food spending in check, the ease of use and convenience make it a popular choice.

Also, the Orbiter Drinking Lid makes the sipping even easier. The leak-proof lid can easily slide from closed to open. Whether drunk from the vessel or sipped through a straw, this aspect adds another reason why the BlendJet 2 needs to be on that dorm room essential shopping list.

BlendJet college dorm essential
BlendJet 2 is perfect for a college dorm room, photo by Cristine Struble /

While the size might be small, the portable blender makes quick work of all the blending needs. It is important to stack the ingredients in the appropriate manner. For example, liquid should go in first, followed by heavier items. Depending on the ingredients, it might take a few 20 second blends.

Although some users have made a wide array of recipes, college kids will probably keep it simple. Even for the person who loves that protein shake after the workout will have plenty of reasons to have one in their favorite color in their room.

Given that space can be sparse and certain room rules can apply, the BlendJet 2 checks all those boxes. Plus, the cost is reasonable, which is vital when those semester fees add up.

More information on the BlendJet 2, including available colors, options, and costs can be found online.