Lipton Pops of Sunshine offer a new take on a throwback summer vibe

Lipton Pops of Sunshine, photo provided by Lipton
Lipton Pops of Sunshine, photo provided by Lipton /

From ditching the school books to relaxing days in the sun, that summer vibe is all about fun. Even if there are occasional chores to be done, a little refreshment can make any day even sweeter. With the Lipton Pops of Sunshine, everyone will be singing and dancing to the soundtrack of the season.

While food is always the center of a celebration, songs often capture the summer vibe. Whether it is the beat that fills every social media post or the lyrics that people cannot get out of their head, summer and songs are always the perfect pairing.

Although people can debate which one hit is each year’s summer song, most people can agree that there are certain ones that everyone remembers fondly. One is the 1999 hit “Steal My Sunshine.” Keeping the clouds at bay for another summer is Lipton and its partner, T-Pain, with remix of that classic. The take is definitely the summer vibe for Lipton Pops of Sunshine.

As seen in new promotional spots, T-Pain has reimagined that 90s classic. As people open their summer, the promise of carefree days is just a sip away.

Whether the 90s are having that nostalgic moment or just people are looking to relax, those sun filled days can be the refresh that they crave. Adults might long to put down that red stapler and never file that TPS report again, but there is balance in life. Even a few moments, like the duration of a song, can bring a little sunshine to the less than perfect day.

As part of its summer campaign, Lipton is reimagining some of its classic beverage flavors into Lipton Pops of Sunshine. According to Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi, “Summer is primetime for iced tea, and as America’s favorite tea brand, Lipton Iced Tea is ushering in the new season by spreading sunshine to parents who crave – and deserve – their own version of a summer break, no matter how big or small. With our introduction of T-Pain’s reimagined take on the classic summer hit ‘Steal My Sunshine,’ and our refreshingly cool iced tea pops, we’re paying homage to the carefree youthful summers of our past and giving our fans more of what they want – and need – this season.”

Lipton Pops of Sunshine
Lipton Pops of Sunshine, photo provided by Lipton /

The Lipton Pops of Sunshine are frozen pops. Made from Lipton flavors, including Green Tea Citrus and Peach, the simple frozen treat is the ultimate summer vibe. While there is a time and place for that over the top summer dessert, these simple frozen pops encourage everyone to just take a beat to step away from the noise and enjoy the moment.

While many people would love to enjoy these Lipton Pops of Sunshine, they need to go on social media to explain why they deserve the frozen treat. More information and the rules can be found at Lipton promotional website.

Don’t let the summer fun be stolen by things that do not matter. Grab a beverage, enjoy the moment, and bask in the sunshine of summer fun.