Haylie Duff joins Keebler to celebrate life’s magical moments, interview

Haylie Duff for Keebler Magic is Here campaign, photo provided by Keebler
Haylie Duff for Keebler Magic is Here campaign, photo provided by Keebler /

Sometimes a small surprise can be the most delightful part of the day. From that unexpected moment that erupts into a fit of laughter to the quiet pause that feels serene, those times can and should be celebrated. Even though the outrageous and over the top scenarios turn heads, life’s magical moments come from togetherness. During a recent conversation with Haylie Duff regarding her partnership with Keebler and its Magic Is Here campaign, the successful actress, singer, and songwriter shared some ways her family brings the surprise and delight to those special moments.

As many families can appreciate summer can have a full schedule of activities. While the days might be packed, finding that family quality time is vital. During our conversation with Haylie, she shared that the time together is about being in the moment, not necessarily the gravitas of the experience.

Haylie said, “I do not think that these moments have to be a big production at all. That is exactly what this whole ‘Magic is Here’ campaign from Keebler is all about, these moments don’t have to be big. They can be little moments and those little moments can make those magic memories for your family. That is a big reason why I wanted to join this campaign and help spread the word and awareness about it. For me and my family, some of my favorite memories with my kids are those little moments, they’re not those the big over-the-top things. If you ask my kids “what did we do last week?” most of the time they say these little random things. They’re not like “Oh, we went to the trampoline park” they’ll be like “we made brownies” and I’ll be like “Well we also went to …” and they will be like “Oh yea!” It is actually just that they want you to put your phone down, focus on them and do just some fun, simple activity.”

The locale, activity, or even purpose is not the point of this concept. It goes back to being present in the moment and interacting with each other. It can be as simple as enjoying a plate of food together.

Explaining further, Haylie shared, “For me, this Keebler ‘Magic is Here’ campaign, that is what this is all about. Making these small, special moments with your kids. One of the things that comes to mind, you mentioned having dinner with your kids, is during the pandemic we were obviously making all of these meals at home and one of those nights we were like “Let’s do something different” so we went upstairs to our upstairs patio and we made little menus and had an Italian restaurant. It was so much fun and different. It was simple. The kids made menus on pieces of paper and we just made spaghetti with red sauce. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was so much fun. We were in a different environment; you could bring it outside and do the same thing on your back patio. Changing up your environment or changing up your routine a little bit makes it so different and special for them that it creates a core memory. It sparks a little of something magic and different for them. This is what this whole thing is about, making these memories for your family.”

From a family dinner to even a walk around the block, the conversation flavors the experience. It is a time to put away the distractions and focus on the person. It might be a way for not only for the kids to open up to their parents, but for the kids to appreciate a different perspective from their parents.

Sometimes food can be that conversation starter. Personally, it might have been easier to tell mom about a bad test grade when the news was shared over a cookie and some milk. Since food choices are often about balance, that treat can always be on the table.

Haylie Duff for Keebler
Haylie Duff for Keebler Magic is Here campaign, photo provided by Keebler /

When asked about her perspective, Haylie shared, “My outlook on treats has always been a balance. I don’t tell my kids no a lot when it comes to sweets and treats. I tell them no when it comes to the timing of the treats, like “Well, we’re about to eat dinner, so let’s have a treat after dinner,” but I don’t tell them that “No, they can’t have that.” I feel like that has worked out to our advantage because my kids don’t really eat their whole dessert. They will take a few bites and be like “Okay” because it’s not an off-limits thing. It isn’t like they never get treats so it isn’t a hot ticket item for them. When we go get a snow-cone at the snow cone truck that passes through our neighborhood they take a few bites and then they’re done. It’s not like “I’m going to eat the entire thing.” If I were to say to them “We only get snow cones once a month” they would try to down the whole thing. Everything in moderation is a good approach. It works for us!”

Haylie recalled that Keebler cookies were part of her childhood. She said, “The Fudge Stripes are an old tried and true classic that I loved as a kid. My kids love them, my dad loves them. There are certain cookies that bring back childhood memories. There is a dessert my mom makes called “Pretzel Salad,” sometimes called “Church Salad” it sounds super weird if I described it but also a classic. Definitely brings back childhood memories. I feel like every family has a staple that they have always made.”

Although those vintage salad recipes might be making a comeback, the food is more than just a craving for a particular flavor. As food television shows have suggested, recipes can be that family archive. Another family moment can be as simple as creating grandma’s recipe together and telling the stories around the table.

With the 4th of July around the corner, the celebration can be the perfect time to bring out some traditional dishes. In her household, Haylie mentioned that it goes back to some tried and true favorites.

She commented, “That ‘Church Salad’ makes an appearance every year around the Fourth of July. It’s like a strawberry Jello that has pretzels in it and then, crushed up pretzels and Jello on top. There’s a cream cheese base to it. It is really good, but it looks really crazy. It is very southern; it usually makes appearances around the Fourth of July celebrations. Fourth of July we keep it real classic. We go to my dad’s house normally, he lives in a small town here in Texas, it is a big Fourth of July town so there’s always fireworks and barbeque and a parade of golf carts and I’m usually in a headband with Fourth of July decorations on it. Very Americana.”

While that All-American celebration sounds like a place where magic can happen, Haylie Duff has plenty on her schedule over the next couple of months. She mentioned that her new movie, “A Guide to Murder,” which she directed, will be airing on Lifetime August 10. Also, she is going to be directing another thriller, with a title soon to be announced.

As summer’s activities take over, Keebler Magic Is Here campaign stands as a reminder that any more can be full of surprise and delight. Everyone just has to be open to those sweet possibilities.