Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III features summer’s hottest tracks

Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III, photo provided by Liquid Death
Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III, photo provided by Liquid Death /

Many people crack open a can of Liquid Death. Although the name might be a little shocking, the sipping refreshment can kill any thirst. Unfortunately, not everyone is as enthusiastic about that sparkling beverage. In Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III some of the best comments get new life by being turned into lively 80s dance beat.

As many people appreciate, Liquid Death never takes the expected path. While the brand encourages everyone to kill their plastic habit, the creativity put into their message gets people to react. Given that crowded beverage shelf, having a loyal following by appealing to its audience is vital to the brand’s success.

Although there are legions of loyal fans, some people are less receptive to the brand’s particular approach. While those comments might not pass the “would you use those words with your grandmother test,” some people feel that the online space allows that colorful language to be written.

The recent released Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III is the latest promotional item from the beverage brand. The 10-track album sets some real comments to an 80s dance vibe.

This album features a variety of well-known names, like Tony Hawk, Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Tony Kanal (No Doubt), and more. Although it might not make the school approved playlist, it is rather amusing.

As Tony Hawk said, “It wasn’t until I lent my vocals to ‘Worst Name For A Water Company’ that I realized my true potential as a singer. I am now ready to boldly step into my next career thanks to the foresight of Liquid Death. Rick Rubin better be ready.”

The album is in good fun and hopefully people will appreciate that humor. More importantly, it plays perfectly into the brand’s identity. Being irreverent is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes being able to laugh at the situation is quite refreshing.

The Liquid Death Greatest Hates Volume III can be streamed online or a vinyl isavailable for purchase online.