HEINZ and Takeru Kobayashi believe hot dogs should be paired with condiments

HEINZ promotes hot dogs are not a contest, photo provided by HEINZ
HEINZ promotes hot dogs are not a contest, photo provided by HEINZ /

While competitive eating champions can devour dozens and more hot dogs in 10 minutes, that food feat might miss out on an element that many people appreciate, eating a hot dog with condiments. This year, HEINZ and Takeru Kobayashi are joining forces to showcase that hot dogs deserve condiments, not contests.

As shared by HEINZ, 94% of fans prefer their hot dogs smothered in condiments. While people can debate which topping brings out the flavor in a hot dog, the reality is that a plain, a naked dog is not the most exciting bite.

Although people can appreciate the skill and method that competitive hot dog eating offers, those individuals are more about eating speed than pure enjoyment. As a previous hot dog eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi understands this concept better than most. It is one of the reasons why he is partnering with HEINZ on the “‘Hot Dogs Are Not a Contest’ movement.

As Takeru Kobayashi, six-time Hot Dog-Eating Contest Champion, said, “After participating in this contest for many years, I can attest to the mistreatment of hot dogs first-hand and admit to doing it myself. I recognize now that I was woefully misguided, and I want to make it right by joining the movement. I am done with Hot Dog Eating Contests, and I encourage contestants and fans everywhere to see the light –hot dogs aren’t hot dogs without condiments.”

The “Hot Dogs Are Not a Contest” offer is being made to any of the losing finalists in the Hot Dog Eating contest. According to HEINZ, “the first runner-up to film themself savoring a hot dog with at least one HEINZ condiment and direct message it to the @Heinz Instagram will win. The prize includes $10,000.” More information and complete rules can be found at online.

HEINZ Hot Dogs promotion
HEINZ promotes hot dogs are not a contest, photo provided by HEINZ /

While this special event is targeted at a specific audience, it is a reminder that condiments are just as important as the food they cover. From condiment customization to innovative flavors, plain food is more than just bland. It is boring.

According to Megan Lang, Director of Brand Communications, HEINZ “After recently launching our new global creative platform, ‘It Has to be HEINZ,’ this is a perfect moment to continue shining a light on the irrational love that fans have for HEINZ. There’s an entire contest dedicated to how people eat hot dogs. As the condiment category leader, we’re sure our fans agree that hot dogs are best when enjoyed with HEINZ.”

People can debate which condiment is best or the exact ratio to create the perfect bite. The reality is that having all the option on the table ensures smiles all around. Plain hot dogs might be fine for competitive eating scenarios but everyone else deserves a more flavorful offering on their table.