Oodles of cheesy noodles: Ways to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day

National Macaroni and Cheese Day deal from Noodles and Company, photo provided by Noodles and Company
National Macaroni and Cheese Day deal from Noodles and Company, photo provided by Noodles and Company /

Another national food holiday arrives to kick off the weekend. National Mac and Cheese Day is July 14. Restaurants, favorite food brands, and more are ready to fill the bowl with cheesy noodle goodness. Ready to grab that fork?

Macaroni and cheese is often a favorite for both young and old. Whether it comes from a blue box, it is a treasured family recipe, or a dish that has an extra serving of vegetables, many people appreciate that the classic comfort food can bring smiles all around the table.

On a national food holiday many restaurants put their best offerings front and center. Whether that macaroni and cheese is a classic menu item or one of many flavorful choices available, the special promotions are not only a great deal for guests but also a way to rediscover that restaurant.

For example, Noodles and Company is going big with a Macapalooza celebration. From July 14 through July 16, its Rewards members can receive a regular sized Wisconsin Mac & Cheese for just $3. An additional purchase is required, but a heaping serving of that ooey, gooey pasta dish for less than a cup of coffee is a great deal.

Even though Noodles and Company has a wide array of pasta dishes, people come back time and again for its Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. Not only is it the brand’s attention to making the perfect pasta, it is the lusciousness of that cheese sauce. It shows that Wisconsin Cheese is the best bet for making a great dish.

In addition to the Noodles and Company deal, MyPanera members can receive $2 off its Mac and Cheese on July 14. The special offer is available for in-app purchases only.

In addition, it is the perfect time to order the Panera Lobster Mac and Cheese. The fan favorite is back for a limited time. Combining the sweet lobster with the tangy Vermont White Cheddar is delightful. Plus, those Panko breadcrumbs add a nice contrast in texture.

For those people who prefer to enjoy their mac and cheese at their home dining table, Stouffer’s is giving away a chance to try its new Spicy Nacho Mac. Bringing together a creamy nacho sauce, jalapenos, chili, and cayenne peppers, the bold flavor has many people talking. The brand’s Instagram page has all the sweepstakes details.

Speaking of the Stouffer’s Spicy Nacho Mac, it will be available at Walmart starting in September. That fall launch is the perfect time to serve a spicy, comforting dish as the temperatures change. While the spice will be apparent, the cheese tempers the heat. Anyone who has drunk a glass of milk after eating a spicy pepper understands this concept.

From heading to a favorite restaurant to serving a bowl at home, do not let National Mac and Cheese Day pass without enjoying a bowl, or two.