Emeril Lagasse helps to evolve Carnival Cruise Line’s dining room menus

Emeril Lagasse and Carnival Cruise Line Chefs, photo provided by Carnival Cruise Lines
Emeril Lagasse and Carnival Cruise Line Chefs, photo provided by Carnival Cruise Lines /

As cruise travelers appreciate, food flavors that travel experience. While Carnival Cruise Line has sailed over 100 million guests, the company appreciates that the dining room experience is as important as those exciting ports of call. With the help of its Chief Culinary Officer, Emeril Lagasse, the ship’s dining room menus are getting a flavorful upgrade.

Over the past several years, cruise ship food offerings have evolved. While the food hall might be phasing out the classic buffet, the traditional dining room is changing, too. Although the formality of the experience seems to be fading, the menus have been revamped as well. Ships have become more conscious with their choices. Whether it is a response to guests’ food preferences or a way to reduce cost and waste, the dining room menus need to be as creative as the specialty restaurants.

When Carnival Cruise Line added Emeril Lagasse as its Chief Culinary Office, many people anxiously awaited how his culinary point of view would be interpreted on the brand’s menus. Many cruise brands have culinary ambassadors and chef-curated menu options. Even though the celebrity chef might not be on board continuously, their impact can be felt in each inspired menu option.

Speaking to the new dining room menus, Lagasse said, “Food is an ever-evolving art, so our approach to the dining room offerings is to infuse a selection of new dishes, feature more international flavors and complement the Carnival classics our guests love.” That blend of new and familiar works well for the Carnival guest. Whether it is a multi-generational family, new traveler, or globe-trotting enthusiast, they want food variety. After all, no one ever wants to hear the word boring uttered at the table.

Emeril Selects Beef Carpaccio on Carnival Cruise Line
Emeril Selects Beef Carpaccio on Carnival Cruise Line, photo provided by Carnival Cruise Line /

Looking at the new dining room menus, the Emeril Selects’ Dishes showcase the celebrated chef’s culinary influences. Options like Coffee Glazed Roast Duck with creole potato wedges is a lovely nod to the Big Easy. The balance of robust flavors with a “bam” of spice, it is a chef-driven without becoming too stuffy.

A similar concept is seen with the other Emeril Selects’ Dishes. From Crab and Shrimp Cake with a luscious remoulade sauce to the BBQ Salmon with an Andouille hash, the Big Easy influences are clear.

While these specialty menu items will get noticed, other new menu items celebrate global influences. For example, the Hawaiian Shrimp Poke is a spicy, bright appetizer that awakens the palate to start the meal. Whether paired with Grilled Swordfish or Italian influenced Pappardelle with Braised Lamb, the menu feels like a global flavor journey.

Of course, regular cruise guests will be able to enjoy some of the favorite menu items. Options like the classic beef wellington, 12-hour braised short ribs, and Bitter & Blanc are still available.

The Emeril Lagasse influenced dining room menu items are rolling out on Carnival’s ships. After a successful Carnival Dream launch, Carnival Conquest will be serving these food choices. Over the next four months, the choices will arrive on Carnival Horizon, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Vista, Carnival Radiance, and Mardi Gras.

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