Popeyes puts the Girl Dinner trend on its menu

(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Another TikTok food trend is taking over the conversation. For anyone who loves that chicken from Popeyes, the Girl Dinner trend is now part of the brand’s quick service menu. Ready to place that order and stream it?

For those unfamiliar with the Girl Dinner Trend, the food tok moment is basically where women share their “snacks” as dinner scenario. Some might call it an adult Lunchable, others might call it an easy dinner, or it might just be ladies who do not want to cook. No matter the description, many people are taking to sharing their small bite meal with others.

In a recent menu addition, Popeyes has added that Girl Dinner Trend to its menu. According to a statement from the brand, the food offering is meant to bring some more flavors to the conversation. While Popeyes has been delighting guests with its Southern cooking since 1972, the menu offerings can fit any type of plate. From the snack-style Girl Dinner to the large family meal, Popeyes covers it all.

The Popeye’s Girl Dinner is available for a limited time. Check online, via the app and in store for more information.

Is the Girl Dinner Trend about to jump the shark?

While TikTok has been notorious for getting people to jump on the next big food concept, the Girl Dinner Trend has hit millions of views and does not seem to be stopping. Now that quick service restaurants adding the option to their menus, others are following suit.

For example, Universal Studios Orlando showcased how its new Minion Café food items are perfect for this trend. Whether it is a serving of its Minion shaped tots or one of its other visually innovative takes on the Minion-inspired food, it gives everyone permission to be a little childlike. Whether people label the plate or just have fun with food, a visit to the Minion Café brings smiles all around.

It is unclear if this TikTok trend will start to fade as the pumpkin spice flavors take over the conversation. But, the reality is that this concept is not necessarily a new idea. In many ways, it is a smaller version of the board trend. Instead grazing with friends, people are single snacking for dinner.

Like all food trends, people will debate whether this concept is positive, negative, or silly. It is surprising some guys haven’t tried to spike the “manly dinner.” Whether that plate is filled with tomahawk chops, ribs, or ginormous portions could be up for discussion.

In reality, this food trend seems to go back to something that Padma Lakshmi once said in an interview for her television show Taste the Nation. She mentioned that if a person shares what they eat for dinner, it is a glimpse into who they are. Whether it is a social media trend, a family dinner, or something else, what people put on social media offers insight to what they like, how they eat, and who they are. The Girl Dinner might be a plate full of little bites, but that plate could be saying a whole lot about the person posting it.

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