La Casa de La Playa’s Bogeda invites a personal exploration of tequila

La Casa de La Playa's Bodega, photo provided by Cristine Struble
La Casa de La Playa's Bodega, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

For some travelers, a trip to Mexico is not complete without at least one tequila drink. Even if that classic margarita is served with an umbrella, it feels appropriate to imbibe in at least one serving of Mexico’s national drink. For guests at La Casa de La Playa, a visit to the Bogeda invites a moment to push aside misconceptions and embrace the nuance of those native spirits.

For some people, tequila is a liquor that can create more questions than answers. Pushing aside those early introductions during younger years, the blue agave spirit can be quite sophisticated. While celebrities might have their names featured on many bottles, the reality is that both large and small scale producers showcase the diversity that tequila offers.

Given that tequila is tied to Mexico’s history and culture, its presence is woven into many parts of Xcaret and its signature resorts, like La Casa de La Playa. While the immersive Mexican locale is the passion project for Miguel Quintana Pali, the award-winning destination is constantly evolving.

From new experiences to resorts, each one invites guests to have a better appreciation for Mexican culture. In his book, Xuenos, The Storey of the Dreams Behind Xcaret, the Best Theme Park in the World, Quintana Pali asserted that the magic comes from within. Specifically commenting that magical moments are spontaneous, but those moments occur when guests are given the opportunity paired with the desire to make them happen.

At La Casa de La Playa’s Bogada, guests are given that personal opportunity to explore tequila and mezcal. Continuously open, the small bar area is lined with pouring options. While the curious phrases on the décor produce a chuckle or two, the space can go from tranquil to boisterous in a matter of minutes.

Stepping up to the bar is full of choices. As empty glasses await their pour, the bottles are waiting. Some names are familiar and others unknown. Instead of someone telling you what you should taste or must try, it is the ultimate choose your own adventure tequila experience.

As some people might appreciate from other tasting events, being told what is and is not a flavor note can influence perceptions. Some people worry that they will be frowned upon for not picking up that earthy quality or missing a nod to the grassy side. Putting aside the expert palates debates, exploring tequila is about finding a personally agreeable pour.

Although there are some mixers within reach, this experience is about the simplicity of the liquor. It is not meant to be covered up with sour flavors or smoke bubbles. When enjoyed with a travel companion or another guest, it might spark a conversation beyond the glass. It allows anyone to be open to letting a little Mexican magic into their day.

While over imbibing is never a thoughtful idea, even on vacation, there are plenty to try at La Casa de La Playa’s Bogeda. From a well-aged anejo to a lighter blanco, bottles are poured and glasses are raised. The experience might not necessarily have drinkers pushing aside that favorite bourbon only for tequila, but it does offer a better appreciation for that Mexican spirit.

La Casa de la Playa’s Bogeda is unique to this locale, but the concept can be remembered and applied as guests leave this beautiful oasis. Being open to the moment, pushing aside preconceived notions, and letting the experience take over is what brings people back to food and travel time and again. The idea of wanderlust might push people to book that trip, but it is the dream of discover that have people loving the memory etched in time.

La Casa de La Playa is a boutique hotel located in Riveria Maya, Mexico. The adults only resort is associated with Xcaret and guests are given access to Grupo Xcaret parks.

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