Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam is satisfying coffee innovation

Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam, photo provided by Maxwell House
Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam, photo provided by Maxwell House /

While classic phrase, good to the last drop, might be the part of the coffee brand’s iconic commercials, the sentiment has never lost its flavor. Although the traditional drip coffee can be the aroma that draws people out of bed, it is not the only coffee option in the cup. With the new Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam, the latest coffee innovation is definitely a game changer.

Over the years, iced coffee has surged in popularity. From quick service restaurants to over the top barista creations, the colder offerings have turned coffee into an all-day drink.

Although many people place that to-go order, those chilly coffees can be made at home as often. According to Maxwell House, 31 percent of coffee shop beverages are served cold, only 7 percent of coffee consumed at home is iced. The reason is that recreating that café-style beverage can be more difficult than it seems. Luckily, there is a new solution to stir into that glass.

According to Sweta Kannan, Director of Marketing and Coffee Innovation at Kraft Heinz, “As iced beverages continue to rise in coffee shops, this opens a huge opportunity to continue the growth of cold in the coffee aisle at grocery stores. Our never-before-seen cold-stirred foam technology will allow coffee lovers to save the time and money of going to a coffee shop, and instead inspire them to unleash their inner barista by providing an easy-to-make café style experience with every sip in three simple steps.”

Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam
Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam, photo provided by Maxwell House /

The new Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam requires minimal effort. Simply pour the pouch into water, stir, and enjoy. It brings the café-like experience to any location. Home, on the go, or however a person chooses.

Although there are various iced coffee options on the market, it is the foam component that makes this beverage special. While it might not exactly be a cold foam, the slight change in texture makes for a more elevated drinking experience. From the visual to the taste, it delivers on all levels.

With this new offering, Maxwell House pushes its brand in a new direction. After the success of its IHOP coffee offering, the expansion into a convenient, innovative iced coffee option appeals to a wider audience. From a younger demographic who appreciates variety to the loyal drinker who is willing to try something new, it is not just good to the last drop, it is “live to the last drop.”

The new Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam is available in three flavors, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel. It is available at various grocery stores and online retailers. A package of six 1oz sachets has a suggested retail price of $6.99.

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