Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea brings the sweetness without the straw

Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea jelly beans, photo by Cristine Struble
Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea jelly beans, photo by Cristine Struble /

Over the past couple of years, Boba Tea has been having a moment. Whether it is the love of the flavors or the fun associated with drinking it, many people cannot resist placing that order time and again. With the new Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea, people can enjoy those favorite flavors without grabbing a straw.

Jelly Belly has been known for its creative jelly bean flavors. Whether people grab a handful or carefully pick out each flavor, the simple candy brings enjoyment every time.

Beyond the classic flavors, the food brand has pushed the envelope with sweet creativity. Kids might enjoy the Bean Boozled game but older fans have gushed over the champagne flavored options, Krispy Kreme partnerships, and various other offerings.

With the Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea, the five jelly bean flavors showcase the variety that this beverage offers. The flavors are: Mango Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Thai Milk Tea. Whether people eat each one individually or find the ultimate sweet pairing, there are plenty of reasons to buy a big box and play with all the combinations.

Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea candy
Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea jelly beans, photo by Cristine Struble /

While each flavor has its unique characteristics, the tapioca and tea notes are not muted. It offers a lovely balance. It might not necessarily have the same mouth feel and prolonged enjoyment, like the actual boba tea, but it is a great way to satisfy that craving when the cup is not convenient.

The Mango Milk Tea is vibrant and hits that tropical flavor in a bold way. When thinking about pairing it with another flavor, consider the Matcha Milk Tea. The slight earthiness from the matcha with the mango is quite enjoyable. It is not a common combination, but it is one worth considering.

Strawberry Milk Tea is probably going to be the most popular flavor. It is the most approachable flavor. It also goes well with the Matcha flavor or can be paired with the taro.

Even though the taro brings the purple color, it is the flavor that might need the most explanation. What people might want to remember, it is similar to the Ube desserts that fill many people’s photo feed. It is subtle but quite enjoyable.

Lastly, the Thai Milk Tea might be the most sophisticated flavor of the five offerings. It has that creamy, tea not without any bitterness.

The Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea offerings are available now. They are sold in multiple sizes. Check with retailers for pricing.

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