Hershey’s casts a sweet spell with a new magical collaboration

Hershey's Harry Potter collaboration, photo provided by Hershey's
Hershey's Harry Potter collaboration, photo provided by Hershey's /

From unwrapping the foil on those classic Kisses to breaking off a rectangle on the iconic chocolate bar, Hershey’s chocolate always brings a sweet smile to any occasion. While the seasonal offerings might be part of many people’s traditions, the reality is that the food brand is always looking for ways to bring cultural moments every day.

Recently, Hershey’s unveiled several Harry Potter inspired offerings. While these candies might not bring the flavor of that Butterbeer, they feature the imagery associated with the classic characters and storylines.

With the Spellbinding Kisses Foils, 21 different foils bring the colors, quotes and iconic images from the Wizarding World to the bag. From Harry’s Birthday Cake to House colors, a cauldron full of treats awaits. Although some people might want to pick through the pile to find their house or seek a special image, the reality is that this candy offering is perfect for a themed party or the ultimate Harry Potter fan.

Hershey's Harry Potter collaboration
Hershey’s Harry Potter collaboration, photo provided by Hershey’s /

Thinking about this special Hershey’s offering, it could inspire some baking creativity. From giving those classic Thumbprint cookies a magical spell to even creating a secret message for that special someone, the options are many.

For those Harry Potter fans who want a little more magic with their chocolate, the limited edition Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars feature 12 package designs with images imprinted on the candy. From brooms to eyeglasses, the candy has a message to tell. Luckily, this special treat does not require a spell to bring those images to life.

For many people, they might want to collect all the special packages. Whether people pick based a favorite scene, character, or movie, the choices reflect them all. Maybe these special chocolate bars could make back to school a little more sweet.

Hershey’s Harry Potter Wizarding World inspired offerings are available for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.

Reese's Blue Beetle offering
Reese’s Blue Beetle offering, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Hershey’s and pop culture are always a sweet combination.

While the new Harry Potter offering has many people cheering, it is one of many examples of Hershey’s brands that have leveraged pop culture connection. For example, the chocolate brand has featured DC characters on its chocolate bars. During the holidays, the Grinch brings his green-hue to the Kisses.

In addition, Reese’s recently featured a connection with DC Comic’s Blue Beetle. As fans look to power up their day, similar to how Jaime Reyes takes on all the action, the special promotional giveaway had many people clamoring for that coveted, special offering box.

The pop culture connection not only engages current fans, but it can bring in new food enthusiasts. Granted, there are many people who are never sorry to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, but others might grab a package, or two, to enjoy as a special movie watching treat. Getting more eyes on a product is always a good thing.

Whether the reason to open another Hershey’s candy is the pop culture connection, the delicious flavor, or just because, there are plenty of choices waiting on the shelf.

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