Back to school shopping with Box Tops for Education brings more to the classroom

Box Tops for Education and Back to School Shopping, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Box Tops for Education and Back to School Shopping, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

The shopping list might seem overwhelming. The idea of packing school lunches may not be exciting. The school year approaches, which brings excitement and anxiousness. Before heading out to complete that back to school shopping, remember to think about Box Tops for Education. A few purchases can make a big difference in the classroom.

Strolling the aisles picking up pens, folders, and the fashionable backpack is both fun and daunting. Younger kids might be full of excitement and parents might be wondering how far their budget will stretch. In both scenarios, the school items are added to the cart. With so many choices on the shelf, it might be beneficial to be a little more brand thoughtfulness with those purchases.

Box Tops for Education has been part of the school conversation for decades. Since its inception, the program has donated more than $950 million to schools across the country. While the clipping might have been replaced by the app scanning, the reality is that back to school shopping can give back in a meaningful way.

From favorite foods like Cheerios and Nature Valley to Lysol and Papermate, many items that kids need and brands that parents trust are on the list. For example, doesn’t it make more sense to buy the pens that give back to the school versus another brand on the shelf?

Even though riding food costs and other discretionary expenses are more costly than previous years, shoppers often align themselves with brands that share their own beliefs and commitments. The parent who appreciates that getting some extra money to supplement a school’s library, computer lab, or other program might be more willing to purchase that Oui Yogurt versus another brand on the shelf. Knowing that there is something more associated with a purchase adds another level of positivity to the shopping experience.

While Box Tops for Education has been offering this program for decades, the money is even more needed today. Many low-income schools have seen the impact from this program. Even a couple hundred dollars in donations can and does make a difference.

Although this program might be front of mind for parents of school-aged children, anyone can participate. Via the app, users can select local schools, an alma mater, or a school in need. The reality is that those purchases should never go to waste.

This back to school shopping can do more when Box Tops for Education are involved. Ready to put those dollars spent to good use?

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