Liquid Death partners with Steve-O for its most interactive offering

Liquid Death partners with Steve-O on a voodoo doll, photo provided by Liquid Death
Liquid Death partners with Steve-O on a voodoo doll, photo provided by Liquid Death /

While Liquid Death has never been afraid to push its boundaries, the latest collaboration with Steve-O might be a little outside of the beverage shelf. As the spooky season approaches, this unique, interactive offering might not necessarily quench a thirst, but it will be a curious conversation starter.

Over the years, Liquid Death has never been afraid to embrace its darker side. Beyond the creative beverage names and graphic logos, the company has put front and center its purpose of causing the plastic’s death. While the crushable aluminum cans hold that flavorful refreshment, it is the company’s willingness to step outside of the six-pack that endears itself to its fans.

After a recent album release, partnerships with other celebrities, and even an upcoming F1 Las Vegas sponsorship, the company is taking a trip to the spiritual world with its Steve-O collaboration. While the entertainer might have gone to the extreme in many a Jackass stunt, this particular challenge comes with a sense of the unknown.

Check out the video announcement from Liquid Death and Steve-O.

As the video shows, the beverage brand is stepping into the dark arts. For those who believe in the occult, ordering this Steve-0 Voodoo Doll might be a top priority. Even if it might not be proved true by Zac Bagans in his Ghost Adventures series or wind up in his creepy museum, the doll could be the must have item for Halloween.

To clear, the voodoo doll does not guarantee any direct impact to Steve-O or his person. It might be an extreme stunt, or it could all be just smoke and mirrors. But, do you really want to go against a real witchdoctor? Sometimes, it is better to err on the side of caution.

And, if this doll isn’t for you, one thing is clear, plastic bottles are the dark side of good hydration. From the floating trash pile in the ocean to the growing waste in landfills, the impact that plastic has on the environment is scarier than walking through a Halloween Horror Nights scarezone.

The Liquid Death Steve-O voodoo doll is available for sale online on the brand’s website. It sells for $125, while supplies last. There are only 300 available for purchase.

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