Nissin Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles bring fiery flavor to the bowl

Nissin Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles, photo provided by Nissin Foods
Nissin Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles, photo provided by Nissin Foods /

As more people crave bold, extreme flavors, the new Nissin Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles are the simple solution to satisfy that craving. It is time to get slurping and embrace the spice in the bowl.

For many people, Cup Noodles and Top Ramen are a pantry staple. While ingredient customization is always a favorite choice, the base flavor needs to be on point. No matter how much chili crunch is added as a condiment, it cannot make up for a bland, boring dish.

With the new GEKI chili-infused noodles, the brand takes its classic noodles and amps up the bold, spicy flavor. While GEKI translates to mean extreme, the reality is that this offering will bring a rise to the cheeks, a tingle in the mouth, and a slow burn that definitely leaves a mark.

Nissan Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles
Nissin Foods GEKI chili-infused noodles, photo provided by Nissin Foods /

Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods USA, said, “We know that spicy food experiences are embedded in American culture and a recent food industry study found that 65% 1 of consumers are choosing spicy meals when cooking at home. We wanted to find an innovative solution that not only satisfies consumer cravings for heat, but also delivers on our mission to provide meals of value that are both convenient and delicious, while providing a spicy foundation for culinary creativity in American kitchens.”

The new GEKI chili-infused noodles are similar to the brand’s other offerings. Simply cook the noodles, add the Fiery Hot Chicken seasoning packet, and enjoy. Although the seasoning is definitely toward the high end of the six-chili pepper scale, the reality is that each person has control over the level. Just because the whole packet is available, doesn’t mean that it does have to be used.

Thinking about this food offering, it might be interesting see how additional ingredients can bring some balance to the heat. While bamboo shoots or carrots can offer a crunchy texture, finishing the bowl with some bright herbs, like a Thai basil or cilantro, can offer a little respite from the heat. Also, a simple egg might be the flavor break to make that spice roller coaster even more enjoyable.

The latest spicy offering from Nissin Food continues the brand’s commitment to bringing bold, exciting offerings to the table. Even though the classic Cup Noodles and Top Ramen will always be a mainstay, consumers want new and exciting to supplement those favorites.

With bold, flavorful options, the spice is not just extreme for over the top sake. Given that the flavoring packet can be used however a person chooses, that customization adds to the eating enjoyment. Flavor is foremost, but culinary creativity is never forgotten.

The new GEKI chili-infused noodles from Nissin Foods are available at Sam’s Club and Amazon starting in September. Additional retailers will have the food offering in the future.

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