Feast Like a Caesar: Caesars Las Vegas food to gourmet all day

Stanton Social Prime signature filet, photo provided by Caesars
Stanton Social Prime signature filet, photo provided by Caesars /

While the old saying about what happens in Vegas might hold a taste of nostalgia, Caesars Las Vegas food options are delectable tales to share with everyone. For anyone ready to feast like a Caesar, the restaurants and their dining options are waiting to serve guests morning, noon, and night.

Spending a few days in Las Vegas can feel like an exuberant, extravagant escape. Stepping into the lobby of Caesars Palace might not necessarily be a scene from a favorite movie or show, but it is far from a typical getaway. The lights, sounds, and bustle compel everyone to never waste a minute. Even if there might be a desire to sleep a few extra hours after that late night out, no one wants to miss an opportunity to eat, drink, and enjoy their time.

Although there are many references to being “like a Caesar” across the Caesars Entertainment resorts, the reality is that food plays into that indulgent mindset. Even though the iconic Bacchanal Buffet has everyone eating like an emperor, the reality is that the abundance of dining options across all the properties ensures that guests can enjoy that gourmet all day.

Feast like a Caesar all day with Caesars Las Vegas food options

While many people plan their day around lounging at the Garden of the Gods pool, playing a few Blackjack hands at the tables, or even attending a performance of Absinthe, the reality is that food draws many people to Las Vegas. In a very small radius, the number of celebrity chef driven and infamous food offerings makes it impossible to everything in a single visit. Still, a well-planned day can check several items off the bucket list.


Although it might sound juvenile, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Given that many people want to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, having a substantial breakfast can be a smart choice.

Dominique Ansel Las Vegas
Dominique Ansel Las Vegas, photo provided by Caesars /

Consider stopping at Dominique Ansel’s restaurant for a croissant, DKA, or even that infamous Cronut. For a heartier option, the Perfect Little Egg Sandwich is a delightful choice. The brioche bun and fluffy scrambled egg will put any breakfast burrito to shame.


Even though guests will not have to worry about being called a donut, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen brings the vibrancy from the iconic food television show to the restaurant. The red versus blue kitchen might not be battling for the fastest service, but people will get a taste of the dishes that have been part of the show for over 20 seasons.

Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary
Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary, photo provided by Caesars Palace /

From the infamous beef wellington to that luscious risotto, it might be beneficial to bring a few friends to share all the dishes. And, do not forget to order dessert and a cocktail. The sticky toffee pudding is always a must. Plus, some of the cocktails have a special Ramsay-inspired note that can spark a curious conversation around the table.


Sometimes a little nosh in the middle of the afternoon, with a cocktail, is treat. Pronto by Giada is open till 3:30 p.m. and has some little nibbles that can keep the hunger at bay. Consider an order of marinated olives and bruschetta with glass of prosecco.

Pre-dinner cocktail

Although cocktail hour might be every hour in Las Vegas, a pre-dinner cocktail and maybe an appetizer can feel a little indulgent. Amalfi by Bobby Flay has an amazing Amalfi Spritz as one of its signature cocktails. It is light, refreshing and awakens the palate for anything that will be enjoyed throughout the evening.

And, if that stunning fish display is too tempting, consider ordering an appetizer. The tuna tartare with the Calabrian chile sauce is perfection.


For an over the top, showy dining experience, Stanton Social Prime is a must. While much has been said about the tableside presentation of its Tomahawk steak, the restaurant blends the best of culinary innovation with showmanship. In a way, it fits Las Vegas perfectly. It is bold, flavorful, and memorable.

Stanton Social Prime signature file
Stanton Social Prime signature filet, photo provided by Caesars /

Given that these dishes are meant to be shares, Stanton Social Prime blends a feast with festivities. From the music offering the beat to lively conversation to the dishes that have people snapping photo after photo, the reality is that this dining event will be remembered long after the table is cleared.

Last bite of the night

Even though people may have eaten more food in a day than they could ever imagine, late night bites and Las Vegas are a rite of passage. Whether it is a post-show craving or a little extra to balance all those libations, an order on Caesars Eats can be the night cap to sweet dreams. Caesars Eats is open till 11 p.m. and offers options from Bobby’s Burgers, The Halal Guys and more.

If grabbing a bite by the casino floor before heading to the room is preferred, Chicken Guy is open late, till either 2 a.m. or 4 a.m.. From some of those signature sauces and chicken tenders or that over the top milkshake, it is the food that screams late night eating.

A visit to Caesars Las Vegas is a time to eat like an emperor, feast like a Caesar, or just throw caution to the wind. Calories aren’t counted on vacation. Embrace those indulgences because the Caesars Las Vegas food options are too delicious to resist.

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