DoorDash helps you order the most popular tacos on September 12

(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Warner Bros)
(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Warner Bros) /

Now that Taco Tuesday has been liberated from the pop culture landscape, DoorDash is giving everyone a reason to place that taco order on September 12. But, will you order the most popular tacos that have everyone craving another bite?

While Taco Tuesday might be on the weekly dinner menu, the reality is that tacos are a tasty choice no matter the day. Even if some families make their own recipes, others prefer to leave the flavor combinations to the experts.

Earlier this year, the restriction on restaurants using the Taco Tuesday designation ended. Taco Bell and DoorDash partnered on giving away $5 million worth of tacos. But, the celebration is not ending with that food offering.

On September 12, DoorDash users can get $5 off $15 orders at the brand’s 20,000 participating Mexican restaurants. To redeem this deal, use code TACOTAB at checkout.

Although food discounts can be a reason to place that order, many people will want to choose wisely. Do you know the most popular tacos? After some extensive research, DoorDash determined that birria tacos are top the popularity list.

While this type of taco might have spiked in interest back in 2021, the reality is that birria has been around far longer. That slow roasted, flavorful meat is a popular choice because of its rich flavor. Even though some options are more authentic than others, people want more than boring chicken and beef.

Even though birria tacos top the most popular list, the other top choices include bean and cheese and baja fish tacos. Breakfast tacos made the top 10 as well.

Tacos might be tops, but other Mexican food are popular orders. From the chicken quesadilla to the tomatillo salsa, people cannot get enough of those flavors. The ingredients have even crossed over to be toppings for fries, like the carne asada fries.

No matter the order on September 12, Mexican food is on the table thanks to DoorDash. Ready to place that order?

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