OREO’s most requested flavor returns to store shelves

While many people are cheering for pumpkin spice everything, the fall season is even sweeter in the cookie aisle. OREO’s most requested flavor, Red Velvet, is back and people are running to buy multiple packages.

Many people are very particular about their OREO preferences. From twisting to dunking, there is often a very particular method to the how and why that cookie is eaten. Even though there is always a sense of playfulness in that sweet treat, people express their individuality with their OREO choices.

Over the years, limited edition, special OREO flavors have delighted cookie fans. From holiday favorites to pop culture connections, the special offerings drive consumer enthusiasm for the brand. Even if that sandwich cookie is a sometime treat, the special event encourages that extra indulgence.

To the delight of many food lovers, OREO’s most requested flavor, Red Velvet, is back for the fall. While the iconic sandwich cookie might have given hints for the return, the confirmation has many people cheering.

OREO’s most requested flavor

OREO’s most requested flavor, Red Velvet, returns, photo provided by OREO

Red Velvet has not been on store shelves since 2020. Nestled between two red colored, red velvet flavored basecakes is a decadent cream cheese flavored cream. The combination of slightly tangy with rich chocolate offers a delightful flavor balance. Who needs to turn on the oven and bake when these cookies are on the shelf.

While many people will happily enjoy these Red Velvet cookies with a glass or milk or even a coffee, it might be nice to think beyond that simple option. From a base layer in a pie to a crumble on a cake, many people will look to channel their culinary creativity. Maybe someone can come up with an outrageous offering that will stump the internet.

The OREO Red Velvet cookies will be available starting in September 12 for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.