Jason Guyot discusses Foxwoods Resort Casino’s exuberant dining options

Foxwoods Resort and Casino, photo provided by Foxwoods
Foxwoods Resort and Casino, photo provided by Foxwoods /

When people think of resort casino destination, heading to Mashantucket, Connecticut might not instantly come to mind, but it should. Foxwoods Resort Casino has set a path not only bring locals to enjoy a delightful meal but also to showcase the complete experience for those to purposefully travel to the locale.

Across the travel landscape, food continues to be a driving force in people’s decisions. While the room ambiance brings the relaxation and the amenities appeal to guests every need, the restaurants satisfy the cravings. From the late night bite before the head hits the table to morning pick me up to start the day, the breath and depth of the food choices need to cover every and any need.

Ahead of the Wahlburgers opening at Foxwoods Resort Casino, chief executive officer Jason Guyot spoke to FoodSided about the dining offerings, guests expectations, and his recommendations curating a satisfying day of dining.

With the Wahlburgers addition, the restaurant choice has a broad audience appeal. While the name recognition can get people to sit at the table, it is the food variety that brings people back time and again.

Speaking to the draw of opening Wahlburgers, Guyot said, “What piqued our interest in having Wahlburgers open at Foxwoods was the relationship that the Wahlberg family shares with local communities across Massachusetts and Boston – both of which we see a tremendous amount of traffic from on property. When you consider the family’s impressive track record in maintaining high food quality standards, coupled with their strong brand appeal and the genuine intrigue it has generated, it became an easy decision to partner with them.”

“With the Wahlberg family’s profound ties to the Northeast and the accomplishments outside of the food industry, our entire team was equally enthused about sealing this deal with Wahlburgers, to bring our guests a new, globally renowned dining experience right here on our property that everyone can enjoy for years to come.”

While the familiarity has a draw, it is more than just a name without substance. The robust offers are vital to keeping guests coming back time and again.

As Guyot commented, “We take pride in offering a diverse culinary landscape, with over30 restaurants on our property ranging from celebrity chef-owned restaurant Gordon Ramsay HELL’S KITCHEN and celebrity favorite Sugar Factory, as well as a variety of gourmet options spanning from Chinese, Italian, Japanese and more. This variety is a testament to our commitment to providing our guests with new experiences each time they visit. With the introduction of Wahlburgers, guests will enjoy the classic Walhburgers menu, featuring burgers, sandwiches and salads, complemented by refreshing cocktails and shakes.”

“As we continue to refine what it means to be a leader in hospitality, gaming and entertainment, it’s important that our team continue to introduce new concepts, like Walhburgers, that not only elevate our offerings but also enhance the overall experience for our valued guests.”

“When it comes to establishing new concepts on our property, we are always looking to connect with our guests, to not only better understand their interests, but also understand what drives them to Foxwoods. We then balance out those responses with insights from our dining partners, and create a master plan that leads to development. Our ultimate goal is expansion, driven by the incorporation of our guests’ feedback, preferences, and desires. We want to ensure Foxwoods remains a destination of choice, offering something for everyone.”

Creating Foxwoods Resorts Casino as a true destination is key not only to ensure that locals embrace that staycation moment but for others to purposefully make that reservation. That all-encompassing approach will continue to make the resort a top notch choice.

Guyot said, “Having diversified food and dining options play a pivotal role in attracting guests to our resort. The culinary experience on property has become a significant part of the overall guest journey. We’ve made significant investments in our dining offerings to create a diverse and exceptional food experience that caters to many tastes and preferences – whether you’re looking for world-class fine dining, casual comfort food, or international cuisine, Foxwoods has it all. What’s exciting to see is that many guests visit Foxwoods primarily for the food experience. We’ve curated a culinary destination within the resort, and it has garnered a devoted following of food enthusiasts, where people come from all over the country to try our specialty dishes and to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in our restaurants. Food has become a source of entertainment, and we’re excited to continue to elevate this aspect of the Foxwoods experience. “

As many people appreciate, staying away from home comes with the urge to indulge. While some people might feast all day, the reality is that people are willing to place that late night order or prefer to linger in bed for that breakfast. Offering the in-room dining is vital to the over all experience.

According to Guyot, “Late night dining and in-room dining are important aspects of the guest experience in the resort casino business, and on property, we have several options open until 2AM. Wahlburgers will be open until 4AM on Friday and Saturday nights, which is ideal for the late-night diners. Overall, we have seen an increasing demand for late night dining choices from our guests, and our aim is to continually adapt and enhance our dining offerings to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our guests.”

Given that Guyot is well-versed with all the food options across Foxwoods Resort Casino, asking him for dining recommendations was a must. From morning till night, he shared his thoughts on some must enjoy food choices.

“For breakfast, I highly recommend Juniors Cheesecake, a NYC staple that opened here in 2008. They serve a phenomena lbreakfast, but you can also dine there for lunch and dinner. In the summer, you can sit outside and overlook the pool at Fox Tower, which offers incredible views.”

“For lunch, we have so many great options. Personally, one of my favorites is Golden Dragon. However, for a quick lunch, with the added bonus of catching a game and enjoying a cold beer, DraftKings is the go-to lunch spot for many of our guests.”

“For dinner, I’d have to say Cedar’s Steaks & Oysters, which has been a Foxwoods staple for 25 years. Every meal there is exceptional, with its high-quality cuts of steak and signature dishes. Our team has done a great job over the years making it a must-hit spot.”

“Of course, Hell’s Kitchen is one of our newest additions with Gordon Ramsay’s famous signature staples – including Beef Wellington and Sticky Toffee Pudding.”

“As for cocktails, each of our restaurants features its own signature options, however, we recently opened two new bars at the new Pequot Woodlands Casino, The Truth Searcher and Drip Bar. These two bars have truly elevated the atmosphere in the heart of our resort at the Grand Pequot Concourse, providing guests with an enhanced and vibrant experience in the midst of all of the action.”

Whether guests choose to indulge in each and every delectable food choice or allow a few options to linger for a return visit, the reality is that Foxwoods Resort Casino caters to each and every scenario. The time is now to visit. Some people might always bet on black, but betting on the dining on Foxwoods food choices will always produce a win.

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