Noodles and beer pairings: Pull up a barstool and grab some chopsticks

Noodles and beer pairings, photo provided by Cup Noodles
Noodles and beer pairings, photo provided by Cup Noodles /

Food and beverage pairings are more than just grabbing a glass and picking up a fork. People want a touch of familiar with something innovative. At the same time, no one wants to be too pretentious. These noodles and beer pairings from Cup Noodles and Advanced Cicerone Mandy Naglich change the Noodle Bar conversation.

Cup Noodles and its various versions are a pantry staple. Whether it is the slurp that soothes a sore throat or the late-night dish that keeps the midnight cram session going strong, the quick, easy, and flavorful choice always satisfies.

While those noodles are a classic, sometimes people do not think of them in a broader food conversation. Why can’t those timeless dishes be paired with a favorite beer? They don’t have to be the morning after food.

Speaking to this concept, Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods USA, “Today’s consumers have a passion for food that breeds social connection, and an openness to explore new flavors and food pairings that help bring their cravings to life. The bold, rich flavors of Nissin Foods’ premium ramen products lend themselves naturally to our Noodle Bar pairing experience, with a variety of taste notes that can be elevated by anything from a hoppy IPA to a malty Schwarzbier.”

Although that light lager might be an easy choice, the reality is many beer styles can be part of the conversation. As Naglich, one of the only 100 Advanced Cicerones in the world. Said, “There is such a wide variety of tasting notes in Cup Noodles Stir Fry and Cup Noodles Stir Fry Rice with Noodles, that for every zesty, tangy, or bright sauce, there’s a craft beer that makes it even better. I just had to find it! Trying these pairings is really an adventure for the taste buds.”

Noodles and beer pairings from Cup Noodles
Noodles and beer pairings, photo provided by Cup Noodles /

That willingness to experiment is key with this concept. It is time to put away the rules, the preconceptions, and just enjoy the moment. Try one beer, two or more. Set up a tasting and see where it goes. It is about having fun and playing with the food and beverages.

Whether people attend one of the pop-up events in Los Angeles and Dallas on September 30, follow the Noodles and beer pairings guide, or create an option all your own, there are options to explore. From pairing a Hazy IPA with a General Tso or trying a witbier with a Korean Beef, there are ways to find parallels and contrasts with every pairing.

More importantly, enjoying this food and beverage concept with others can be a flavorful conversation. Whether people try a new beer or amplify the flavors in the noodle dish, it is a meal that will never be bland or boring.

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