Space 220 new beverage menu soars with bold flavors and presentations

Space 220 new beverage menu Gamma Burst, photo provided by Space 220
Space 220 new beverage menu Gamma Burst, photo provided by Space 220 /

While stepping onto Mission Space has EPCOT guests blasting offer on a great adventure, some people thirst for more subtle takeoff to the cosmos. Nestled beside the ride is the popular space themed restaurant and the Space 220 new beverage menu is a reason to take that elevator to the great beyond.

Two years ago, Space 220 opened its portal to the world beyond the clouds. While guests might not necessarily have to endure a G-Force blast off to sit at one of these tables, the room with a view is worth the journey.

Since its inception, the culinary food and beverage options have delighted guests with their impressive presentations. A touch of molecular gastronomy with innovative flavor combinations has had guests wondering how the chefs created these intricate offerings.

As part of its two year anniversary celebration, the EPCOT restaurant has launched a new beverage menu. The expansive cocktail and mocktail choices blend visually stunning presentations with creative pairings. Whether enjoyed as a simple refreshment with a snack or the first sip to start a meal, these cocktails and mocktails will have people coming back for more.

The Space 220 new beverage menu includes nine cocktails. Options include Illumination, Black Hole Fashioned, and Galaxy Spritz. As some of the names suggest, the nod to a classic cocktail is clear. But, a few have an unexpected twist, like the Galaxy Spritz that uses a lychee liqueur and Lagoon Bay aperitif. It is a palate awakener that is light and refreshing, plus a touch unexpected.

Space 220 new beverage menu Illumination
Space 220 new beverage menu Illumination, photo provided by Space 220 /

Many of the cocktail play with space tropes with a little whimsy. For example, the Shuttle Crew uses tang foam. Even though some younger guests might not know the old school tang reference, others will appreciate that nod to the classic space program.

In addition to the cocktails, the Space 220 new beverage menu offers several new mocktails. Given that the mocktails need to be part of the beverage conversation, these offerings take a dual approach.

For example, the Solar Flare Sour uses a non-alcoholic tequila. This option is for the adult who wants to reduce their consumption but still wants the elevated flavor. It will be interesting to see if this ingredient becomes more prevalent within the theme park restaurant arena. For the drinker who wants options, it is smart that Space 220 offers this choice.

The other mocktails are all-ages beverages. These choices, the Starship Lemonade and Moon Rocks lean into the playful side. Just like the galaxy allows people to imagine what is possible in the immense cosmos, these beverages let people embrace that imagination one sip at a time.

For anyone who would like to try the Space 220 new beverage menu, they can visit the restaurant inside EPCOT. Reservations are recommended but a stand-by line can be available. Disney theme park admission is required to visit the restaurant.

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