Subway MVP Rewards offers a unique way to unlock All-Star status

Subway MVP Rewards program, photo provided by Subway
Subway MVP Rewards program, photo provided by Subway /

From Monday’s Meatball Marinara to the kicking off the weekend with the new Titan Deli Hero, Subway MVP Rewards program has diners stacking up the points to earn their status. To help a few lucky people achieve All-Star status, it could be time to pack those subs for a long trek. Ready to visit the northernmost city in the U.S.?

Restaurant loyalty programs have been a mainstay across the food landscape. Whether the program has an element of surprise and delight or the unlocks badges to achieve a higher status, the reality is that people want to feel valued for their purchases. Even though that app might be the convenient order, it is more than just another click and purchase. People feel a connection to the brand, which drives another purchase.

Subway has made a conscious effort to revamp its image. While the new subs brought many people through the doors for that first bite, it is more than just new flavors in between that bread.

The company is looking for ways to engage with guests. The restaurant in the sky promotion was a great example. Getting people to think of Subway beyond the booth is vital to having them order and order again.

With the new Subway MVP Reward promotion, it asks people to rack up some significant travel to earn top level status. Whether or not that Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki tastes different in the brisk Alaskan cold remains to be seen. Still, it makes for a flavorful conversation.

According to the promotion, “from September 25 to 28, Subway MVP Rewards members can visit and register for a chance to travel to Utqiaġvik, Alaska between October 9 to 13 and receive one million Subway MVP Reward points.” The select winners will post a photo under Utqiaġvik’s famous Whale Bone Arches. Complete details on the promotion can be found online.

While this promotion might be unusual, it will have people talking. Maybe it could start a new trend across the restaurant loyalty programs. Wonder where the next Subway local could be? It might be time to dive under the water.