Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle features a brand new drinking chocolate

Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle, photo provided by Delysia Chocolatier
Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle, photo provided by Delysia Chocolatier /

As many people know, Delysia Chocolatier delivers some of the best chocolate in the world. While the brand is never afraid to push flavor boundaries, its special October offering is more than just another sweet treat. The Delysia Ruby for Hope Bundle has everyone tickled pink with both the sweetness and the charitable aspect.

When Ruby Chocolate appeared in the market, many people were captivated by the rose color. While dark chocolate tempts with its rich, slightly bitter note and milk chocolate plays into that childlike wonder, the Ruby Chocolate showcased chocolate’s fruity side. Even if people were drawn to the concept because of the color, they stayed for the flavor versatility.

For October, Delysia Chocolatier is supporting Breast Cancer Alliance through its Ruby For Hope Bundle. The proceeds from each purchase will benefit the organization and assist those impacted by the health issue.

While the charity aspect can influence a purchase, the flavors inside the Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle will have even more people buying a few extra to enjoy and gift to others. The new Ruby Drinking Chocolate is the launch that has everyone thirsting for that first sip.

Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle
Delysia Ruby For Hope Bundle, photo provided by Delysia Chocolatier /

The Ruby Drinking Chocolate has the vibrant pink color that people have come to expect from that chocolate. While the color is interesting, it is the flavor that has people contemplating each sip.

Since Ruby chocolate has a touch of tartness, that flavor adds the brightness which keeps the drinking chocolate from becoming too cloying. Still rich, luscious, and a touch decadent, it feels a little brighter than other drinking chocolates.

As people enjoy this Ruby drinking chocolate, it will be interesting to see their serving pairings. Whether it is used in a cocktail for a new take on a dessert martini or topped with a sprinkle of salt on top of whipped cream, the reality is that this new food offering will definitely become a must have for any chocolate lover.

Additionally in the Delysia Ruby for Hope Bundle are three Ruby Truffles. The flavors are Classic ruby truffle, Sparkling ruby chocolate truffle and Spiced Ratnanayaka chocolate truffle.

Similar to many chocolates in the Delysia offerings, these truffles blend sweet and savory notes to the eating enjoyment. From the garam masala and adobo peppers in the Spiced Ratnanayaka chocolate truffle to the rose petals and strawberries in sparkling ruby chocolate truffle, these are not a single bite eating moment. They deserve to be eaten slowly so that each and every flavor is fully appreciated.

The Delysia Ruby for Hope Bundle is available online and in stores. It has a retail price of $65.95.

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