Instacart reveals cities’ Scare Score for the ultimate Halloween guide

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As everyone prepares for the witching hour, the annual event is more than just grabbing a pillowcase and putting on a t-shirt. From the perfect décor to an overflowing candy bowl, everything needs to be on point. According to the Instacart Scare Score, some locales are top spots for the spooky season.

While people have been planning their Halloween ideas almost as soon as the first PSL was served, the reality is that some places are just more in tuned to the spooky spirit. From the house that turns the front yard into a haunted experience to the person who has the best candy on the block, some areas are just the Halloween experts.

This year, Instacart compiled its Scare Score. The interactive website shows how a particular area ranks in its Halloween spirit.

As Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert, “For the first time ever, we’re introducing a tool that lets you enter your zip code to discover your area’s Scare Score. This score, determined by analyzing candy, costume, and decor purchases via Instacart, rates your community’s Halloween spirit — and shows the top candies in your zip code, so you know which treats your neighbors are most likely going to be handing out! You can also use it to pinpoint the places in your city with the highest Scare Scores — aka the ultimate trick-or-treating destinations. With this unique metric, we’ve also identified Halloween’s Best Haunts, a list of the top 10 zip codes boasting the highest Scare Scores — guaranteeing top-notch trick-or-treating experiences.”

According to Instacart the top ranked Scare Score city is Lehi, Utah. The other top locations are in Texas and Utah. Who knew that the Lone Star embraced its spooky side?

Overall, the Eastern states have the highest Scare Score. Whether it is the change in colors, the love of the season, or something else, it seems that the Halloween spirit is strong in this area of the country.

How do favorite candies impact Instacart’s Scare Score findings?

While every place has a way of showcasing their spooky side, the reality is that the Scare Score is more than just a single component. Choosing the right treat is imperative. People have very particular feelings about Halloween candy.

Instacart has shared its newest Halloween candy data. Even if candy corn continues to have some polarizing factors, the reality is the list rarely changes year after year. Top choices like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, M&M’s, and even a classic Hershey bar are always in the top category.

One aspect of the top 10 list was curious. Skittles did not make the list. Even though there were Sour Patch Kids and Starburst, it seems that the rainbow has fallen out of favor. Given that Toostie Pop is number four, it is curious that one of the most popular candies did not rank.

As Halloween approaches, remember that Instacart can help complete almost anything on that shopping list. From last minute candy purchases to the whole spread for the party, Instacart can save any situation from a scary outcome.

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