NCL Viva explores a Puerto Rican connection throughout its onboard experiences

NCL Viva to home port in Puerto Rico for first Caribbean season, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line
NCL Viva to home port in Puerto Rico for first Caribbean season, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line /

As part of its Prima Class, NCL Viva looks live up the on-board experiences to its fullest. From the ship’s godfather Luis Fonsi to its home port in Puerto Rico for its Caribbean season, the Latin influences bring a vibrancy to the inaugural season.

When Norwegian Cruise Line launched its Prima Class, the concept was more than an expansive ship with every luxury that guests could imagine. A feeling envelopes the guest as soon as they embark. It is more than just a vibe. It is an invitation to embrace the moment to the fullest.

With the new NCL Viva, those characteristics are both front and center as well as subtle. The Metropolitan Bar is a lovely example of how NCL captures this concept.

While the Metropolitan Bar has a sleek sophistication, the new art installation, “Every Wing Has a Silver Lining,” by British digital artist Dominic Harris, engages with the guest. Although it is not necessarily living art, it is an element that leans into an idea of always embracing the moment. Even in a moment of calmness, there is no stagnancy.

NCL Viva Metropolitan Bar with interactive art installation
NCL Viva Metropolitan Bar with interactive art installation, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line /

The Metropolitan Bar is a prime example where that Puerto Rican influence shines. While the NCL Sustainable Cocktails have been applauded by the guests, a new elixir has been added to the NCL Viva menu, El Padrino.

Speaking to this special offering, a Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson shared, “Guests are truly loving our sustainable cocktail program at Metropolitan Bar and our mocktail beverages at Vibe Beach Club. We added a new cocktail to the menu at Metropolitan Bar called “El Padrino” inspired by Godfather of Norwegian Viva, Luis Fonsi. The vibrant drink includes Avorza Premium Vodka, Aperol, Licor 43, homemade zero waste pineapple syrup, lime juice and ginger beer.”

Looking at the cocktail, it brings a tropical note yet does not overlook a kick of spice from the ginger beer. Employing the zero waste pineapple syrup is a smart idea. In addition, it opens the doors to repurposing many fruits across the ship.

The most interesting part of this cocktail is the Licor 43. The Spanish digestif, which often uses the tag like Pura Pasion, brings more than its abundance of flavor to the glass. It adds a compelling visual and sparks a bigger conversation. For those unfamiliar with the liquor, it could be another way to live up a new, flavorful experience that carries on after the itinerary ends.

NCL Viva with Puerto Rico backdrop
NCL Viva to home port in Puerto Rico for first Caribbean season, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line /

While the El Padrino is a directly influence by Puerto Rico, other Latin influences can be enjoyed while on board. As Norwegian Cruise Line representative commented, “Norwegian Viva features a variety of Latin influences including the Latin Quarter eatery at Indulge Food Hall, the Mexican-inspired restaurant, Los Lobos, and occasionally, Surfside Café, will host cuisine lunches and dinners with dishes from Latin American countries.”

That NCL Guest First Philosophy can be felt in every aspect of the NCL Viva. Whether it is the specialty cocktail, signature dining, or artwork that captivates the eye around the ship, there is no shortage of opportunities to live it up while on board.

More information on Norwegian Cruise Line, Viva and its other ships can be found online.

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