Cheetos Pretzels are the satisfying double-sided snack that everyone will want

Cheetos Pretzels in regular and Flamin' Hot, photo provided by Cheetos
Cheetos Pretzels in regular and Flamin' Hot, photo provided by Cheetos /

Snack time is always a little mischievous when Cheetos are in the mix. While the classic crunchy bite will always be part of the conversation, the new Cheetos Pretzels will have people grabbing a bag and a napkin when they are ready to dig into this double-sided deliciousness.

Over the years, Cheetos has never been afraid to expand its product line. Beyond the creative flavor offerings, it has found ways to bring that iconic Cheetle flavor to other snacks. People loved the popcorn and even some of the cross over snacks with other Frito-Lay brands.

Previously, Cheetos offered a snack mix. The combination of flavors and textures had people eating the food by the handful. It wasn’t that the idea was a replacement for the classic Cheetos, it was a supplement to it.

According to Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, “Our fans are always hungry for unique ways that they can experience Cheetos’ signature cheesy flavor, which is why this latest innovation is breaking into an entirely new category. Cheetos pretzels maximize the fan-favorite seasoning in each bite with the perfect product texture, ultimately bringing the Cheetos flavor experience to life in pretzel form.”

With the new Cheetos Pretzels, the idea takes a traditional pretzel but flips it into something more. While the brand could have infused the whole bite with the flavor, the duality aspect makes it a more interesting offering.

Cheetos Pretzels in regular and Flamin' Hot
Cheetos Pretzels in regular and Flamin’ Hot, photo provided by Cheetos /

Although no one is splitting the pretzel down the middle, the two different flavor sides make for an enjoyable eating experience. It might not avoid those fingers from getting dusted, but the flavors differences highlight something different in the snack aisle.

By keeping the integrity of the pretzel flavor, it brings people back to enjoy another bite. Handful after handful, the bag is empty before anyone realizes. More importantly, it opens the snack food to more pairing options. Beyond the use in a classic snack mix, the food can be served with a wide variety of meals.

And, since no good Cheetle infused snack should go to waste, smashed pieces would be amazing as a coating for a chicken tender or as a topping in a variety of casseroles. Basically, it is a more flavorful swap to just a regular pretzel.

Lastly for the beer lover, these Cheetos Pretzels might be the must have idea for that festival. While everyone will be enjoying their pretzel necklace, having a bag of these snacks on hand could be the flavor swap that makes one person the hit of the event.

The new Cheetos Pretzels are available at various retailers. The suggested retail price is $5.69 for a 10oz bag and $2.49 for 3oz bags.

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