Open the freezer to get a taste of celebrity chef inspired recipes

Andrew Zimmern offers a frozen food line at Walmart, photo provided By Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern offers a frozen food line at Walmart, photo provided By Andrew Zimmern /

While many people have turned to Goldbelly to have their favorite restaurants and chefs’ dishes delivered directly to their door, some people do not want to wait for that box to arrive on their doorstep. Now, celebrity chef recipes are waiting in the freezer aisle. It is time to thaw a meal that brings the taste people want.

Frozen dinners have evolved over the years. While the 1950s might have given people that first taste of convenient food served in perfectly portioned trays, those nostalgic TV dinners are far different than the offerings people enjoy today.

While the portioned meal and convenience are still part of the conversation, people want more than just any forkful of food. Flavor, creativity, and even the name connection can drive people to put that box in the cart.

Recently, many celebrity chef recipes have hit store shelves. Ming Tsai took a bold approach with his Mings Bings. The plant-based and gluten-free food brand has not only been a mainstay for people who follow a particular food lifestyle, but the crisp, delicious flavor has converted many people to those plant-based offerings.

In a recent announcement, Ming Bings has expanded into over 5,000 grocery stores. From its breakfast options to the robust flavors in the traditional flavors, many people have fallen in love with the crispy, flavorful meals.

celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern frozen food line
Andrew Zimmern offers a frozen food line at Walmart, photo provided By Andrew Zimmern /

More recently, Andrew Zimmern launched a line. Simply called By Andrew Zimmern, the four food options are classic comfort foods. Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese, Meatloaf, Turkey Dinner and Swedish Meatballs, these dinners are far from those outrageous meals that he experienced on his many travels.

The specialty dinners are based on family favorite recipes. From his grandmother’s meatloaf to those flavorful Swedish Meatballs, the dishes are familiar, approachable, and tasty. It might not be exactly the same as having the chef cook them, but it is a different option to enjoy.

Other celebrity chef recipes have joined the Walmart freezer section. By Chef Ramsay features some classic dishes. Although no one should expect that iconic Wellington, there is a risotto, Shepard’s pie, and fish and chips.

Delicious Eats by Kardea Brown brings some Southern flavor to the convenient meal space. It is not necessarily a taste of the Gullah dishes and traditions, but there is a nod to the South Carolina area. Options include Southern Country Chicken Fettuccinne Alfredo, Country Chicken Pot Pie, and Shrimp and Grits.

Guy Fieri’s Flavortown frozen food line showcases some of the playful twists that people expect from the chef. Options like Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna and Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese appeal to all ages.

While these “by chef” offerings are plentiful on Walmart’s shelves, Martha Stewart has a frozen food line. Her line has more robust offerings. In addition to entrees, this food line includes appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.

Many people are drawn to the celebrity connection. The recently released Travis Kelce frozen food line at Walmart is another example. While he might not quite be associated with the food world, football fans and others might want to try the new offerings.

Are these frozen food celebrity chef recipes the same as enjoying a meal at one of the chef’s restaurants? Not necessarily, but it is an option for many people. Everyone may not be able to have that in person dining experience, but these dinners put a little taste of the popular chefs on the home table.

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