Heinz Pickle Ketchup changes the condiment conversation forever

Heinz Pickle Ketchup coming to stores in early 2024, photo provided by Heinz
Heinz Pickle Ketchup coming to stores in early 2024, photo provided by Heinz /

From burgers to chicken and hot dogs to sandwiches, condiments are essential to the perfectly composed bite. With the new Heinz Pickle Ketchup, that first taste will have people thinking of all the ways this condiment can flavor a dish.

While ketchup, mustard, and even mayonnaise will always have a place on the table, the reality is that the classic condiments sit side by side with more exciting options. The trends might have started with an infusion of global spices but there are a plethora of choices to sample.

Given that pickle foods continue to be on trend, companies are finding more ways to bring that briny note to their signature products. It is more than just a spear on the side or a pickle chip on a burger. Pickle flavors infuse a wide variety of products.

Many people think of Heinz and picture that classic ketchup bottle. Actually, Henry J. Heinz was known as “Pickle King.” Owning the largest pickle company, those cucumbers were integral to the company’s success. From the tiny gherkin to the large dill, the pickle has always been part of the food conversation.

Heinz Pickle Ketchup
Heinz Pickle Ketchup coming to stores in early 2024, photo provided by Heinz /

In a recent company announcement, Heinz Pickle Ketchup is the latest condiment offering to hit store shelves. As Katie Peterson, Director of HEINZ Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company commented, “Increased desire for tasty, yet unexpected condiments has served as our innovation north star for the last several years.”

Although consumers will have to wait until early 2024 to enjoy that first bite, the offering captures not only the food trend but also a product innovation that could influence the condiment market going forward. Blending together two commonly paired ingredients might be more than just a squeeze of convenience. No one wants to smother a burger into too many sauces. It becomes a cluttered mess. Streamlining the flavors into one topping could be a game changer.

As people wait to try the new Heinz Pickle Ketchup, it could be time to brainstorm the next must have condiment. Pickle has come to ranch and ketchup, could pickle mustard be a possibility? Maybe pickle infused cheese might be the slice above the rest.

Heinz Pickle Ranch is set to hit U.S. stores in early 2024. Check with Heinz for updates on the product rollout.

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