Pizza Hut Seasonings turn any meal into a pizza party

Pizza Hut Seasonings, sold in the Collectible Seasonings Duo Box Set, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Seasonings, sold in the Collectible Seasonings Duo Box Set, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

When that pizza craving hits, the slice does not have to be the only food to capture that beloved flavor. With the new Pizza Hut Seasonings, any and every dish can taste like that beloved food.

Seasonings have taken over the food conversation. That everything season is not just for bagels. Celebrity chefs have brought their signature flavors to the home kitchen. People might comment about variety being the spice of life, and a well-stocked spice cabinet seems to prove that statement is true.

While pizza might be many people’s favorite food, the classic slice has not been changed too much over the years. There is no pepperoni ice cream, thankfully. Even if some of the flavors have influenced other dishes, the reality is that pizza has not come to popcorn, fries, or other favorite foods. That is, until now.

The new Pizza Hut Seasonings are two new spice blends that capture the flavor essence of pizza. It might not be exactly the same as enjoying that folded slice, but it brings the aroma and taste of the favorite food.

As Penny Shaheen, Head of Food Innovation at Pizza Hut US said, “We’re thrilled to serve up the ‘Seasoning Duet’ to our fans so they can enjoy the taste of Pizza Hut at home in a completely new way. This seasoning duo brings the unmistakable taste of our pepperoni right to your kitchen—perfect for any pizza aficionado.”

Pizza Hut Seasonings
Pizza Hut Seasonings, sold in the Collectible Seasonings Duo Box Set, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

What are the Pizza Hut Seasonings?

After the successful launch of the Hut Hat, Pizza Hut and Chain are collaborating on this Collectible Seasonings Duo Box Set. The special Pizza Hut Seasonings feature two items, Pizza Hut “Make It Pepperoni” Seasoning and Chain’s “Everything Pizza Shake.” While the set might be a highly coveted purchase, it is the seasonings’ flavors that are the real prize.

The Make It Pepperoni captures that unctuous, satisfying pepperoni flavor and it is vegan. This spice makes it an inclusive food for any and every lifestyle choice. Whether used on pasta, veggies, or even a butter board, the flavor can satisfy that craving. Once people take that first shake, they will discover a plethora of uses.

The Everything Pizza Shake is a combination of classic pizza flavors, oregano, red pepper flake, and parmesan. It is like the sauce, dough, and toppings are combined together in a flavoring.

Thinking about this offering, it would be great on a great your own flatbread. It boosts the flavor of all the other ingredients. Or, it could be a simple way to make garlic bread more robust. No matter how it is used, this container will not collect dust on the spice rack.

The Pizza Hut Collectible Seasonings Duo Box Set is available at It retails for $60 and is available while supplies last.

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