Pepsi Mini Cans and Shaq remind everyone all sizes matter

Shaq showcases the Pepsi Mini Cans, photo provided by Pepsi
Shaq showcases the Pepsi Mini Cans, photo provided by Pepsi /

Sometimes a little refreshment just hits the spot. Other moments require a hefty pour. Even though Shaq always makes his presence known in a room, he appreciates that Pepsi Mini Cans have their place, too. Sometimes, that smaller take has its place in the conversation.

Whether it is a wish, a wonder, or even a touch of schadenfreude, everyone can appreciate that moment when they have wanted something else. It could be longing to be a little taller. Maybe someone would love to be able to sink that free-throw. No matter the scenario, people appreciate that moment where they could be something a little different from themselves.

In the new Pepsi commercial, Shaq takes an updated approach to his “Big Slam” commercial from back in the day. For “I Wish,” the classic Skee Lo track gets some new lyrics that have everyone thinking.

Set to air during the NFL Thanksgiving coverage as well as NBA in-season tournament, the commercial shows moments where Shaq’s presence does not necessarily give him an advantage. From having to zoom out for that selfie to never winning hide and seek, the reality is that some people are not meant for the one-size fits all environment.

While this promotion is meant to bring awareness to the Pepsi Mini Cans, the reality is that the message is bigger than that cola refreshment. Even though a bad pun can get a grown, the idea is an extension of the Pepsi concept, everything is better with Pepsi.

For the moment where just a small sip satisfies, the little cans can be sitting in the refrigerator. Just like Pepsi can be served with chicken wings, pizza, or anything on the table, the brand understands that sometimes a thirst is ginormous and other times the need is a little smaller. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the shelf.

Whether or not the catchy Skee Lo tune becomes an earworm or the Shaq visuals become a meme may not matter. Instead, the real measure is consumers putting a case of those mini cans alongside the regular six-pack in their cart this holiday season. That is the beverage brand’s real wish this year.

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