Most popular Royal Caribbean cocktail can push guests beyond their cocktail comfort zone

Trellis Bar on Icon of the Seas, photo provided by Royal Caribbean
Trellis Bar on Icon of the Seas, photo provided by Royal Caribbean /

While a cruise vacation might offer the ultimate escape for the adventurous traveler, the food and beverage options on board are a blend of familiar favorites and a taste of emerging food trends. Even though the most popular Royal Caribbean cocktail might capture that escapism vibe, the food and beverage team shakes up the flavor possibilities at every turn.

As more details regarding Icon of the Seas are revealed, many cruise travelers are taking a second, third or more look at the many offerings over Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Although some travelers may never stray from that light beer, others want something a little different for that refreshment. From a refreshing sip upon returning from that amazing excursion or a night cap to help drift offer to restful night’s sleep, there are plenty of options.

During a recent conversation with Ed Eiswirth, Senior Director of Beverage Operations of Royal Carribean, he shared how the team balances the tried and true favorites with some food and beverage trends. Before diving into those trends, some of which will be showcased on the upcoming launch of Icon of the Seas, Eiswirth commented, “our number one cocktail for the six years I’ve been here and probably the 15 years before that has been the Pina Colada. We don’t have a Pina Colada listed on a single menu on the ship, but we’re dedicated to making a great one to guests who want a Pina Colada.”

While that scenario is a little humorous, the reality is that the sentiment showcases what the Royal Caribbean beverage team makes a priority. No matter the situation, everyone makes providing guests the best possible beverage and service at every turn.

In turn, that concept can encourage the guests to step a little out of their comfort zone. As Eiswirth explained, “for guests with a beverage package, there is no risk and we can encourage them to try something new. Our guests might love the hand-shaken margarita, but our bartenders might suggest a spicy honey strawberry Margarita. If the guest does not like that cocktail, there’s no harm and they can try something different.”

“We are always going to make a sold, great classic cocktail. If you want a classic martini, a great Old Fashioned, we have it. For those who want to something fun, we have a peanut butter and jelly version at the Mason Jar or there will be a new option in Icon’s coffee bar, which is a riff on a blend between an Old Fashioned and a Negroni.”

“We keep looking at trends and seeing what makes sense for our guests. We will always continue to innovate in the beverage and deliver guests a good mix between trends and what they always want to enjoy.”

Throughout the upcoming Icon of the Seas, the beverage program will shine in tremendous ways. Whether it is that classic Pina Colada that people thirst for or the color changing cocktail that captivates everyone on social media, the Royal Caribbean food and beverage team is ready and able to fill that glass and keep them coming.

Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas has 20 total decks, eight neighborhoods, and more than 20 new and returning ways to dine onboard. More information on this ship, itineraries, and the entire fleet can be found at

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