Instacart invites customers to shop for better with its Giving Tuesday campaign

Instacart reveals its 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign, photo provided by Instacart
Instacart reveals its 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign, photo provided by Instacart /

Many people appreciate the shopping convenience that Instacart offers. From the forgotten bread for tomorrow’s school lunch to getting dinner on the table efficiently, the one stop shopping platform is a mainstay in many households. As part of the brand’s Giving Tuesday campaign, filling the cart has an added benefit for a better tomorrow.

For its Giving Tuesday campaign, Instacart is donating to Partnership for a Healthier America. Joining forces with Keurig Dr Pepper (Core Hydration and Mott’s), Dole Packaged Foods, and OLIPOP, purchasing those products will trigger a donation of one (1) serving of fruits and vegetables to Partnership for a Healthier America. When users purchase one of the selected food items from November 27 and December 4, the donation will occur. The event will create up to 1 million servings donated.

Speaking to this year’s event, Dani Dudeck, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Instacart said, “We believe everyone should have access to nutritious food, which is why we’re proud to support PHA during the week of Giving Tuesday. At Instacart’s core, we’re a technology company with the power to help transform and scale food access. Leading with our technology, PHA and Instacart launched food access community programs this year and found that online produce stipends help empower families to build healthy eating habits and improve food security. We’re excited to continue this important work by giving customers an easy way to shop and support families and people in need while also reaping the benefits of adding better-for-you products to their carts. Together, with the generous support of like-minded CPG partners – Core Hydration, Dole Packaged Foods, Mott’s®, and OLIPOP – that also champion nutritious food access for all, we’re honored to help make a difference in communities across the country.”

Instacart Giving Tuesday campaign 2023
Instacart reveals its 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign, photo provided by Instacart /

While many people might be in the giving mood during the holiday season, the reality is that health equity is a topic that needs to be discussed 365 days a year. Even though topics like food insecurity are always part of the conversation, the impact of poor nutritional choices on underserved communities is not limited to those dinner tables. When a whole group does not have good nutrition, the ripple effect is felt far and wide.

During the holiday season, many people are more willing to put a dollar in that red bucket or buy an extra toy. With this particular Giving Tuesday campaign, customers are purchasing the products that they use. Maybe it is the time to stock up on some extras to keep in the pantry for the rest of the year. Or, maybe it is the opportunity to make a care package for the family down the street. No matter the reason, shopping can and will make a difference and all people have to do is just click.

Instacart has used Giving Tuesday to support various charities, including last year’s campaign for Feeding America. More information on the 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign can be found online.

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