Impossible Hot Dogs join the brand’s plant-based food lineup

Impossible Hot Dogs join the brand's line-up, photo provided by Impossible Foods
Impossible Hot Dogs join the brand's line-up, photo provided by Impossible Foods /

Joining the brand’s robust lineup of plant-based food offerings, the Impossible Hot Dogs are ready to sizzle on the grill. Whether topped with mustard, relish, or even ketchup, the latest innovation from the brand will have people curious to take that first bite.

What might have been thought as “impossible” a decade ago, the plant-based food options have a strong market share. Consumers purchase the products for a lifestyle choice, health reasons, or just for the flavor. Although each brand has its own approach, the scope of offerings is great. Burgers, chicken, and pork are all on the shelf.

Speaking to the new Impossible Hot Dogs launch, Peter McGuinness, CEO and President of Impossible Foods said, “Hot dogs are an undeniably classic part of American culture and not to mention, they’re a burger’s best friend. It’s long been a priority to add them to our product portfolio. Our adaptation replicates that quintessential hot dog taste, while offering consumers a nutrient-dense product that’s better for the planet. We want people to see that there’s really no compromise when you choose Impossible products. It’s as easy as throwing an Impossible Hot Dog on the grill – right next to an Impossible Burger.”

Impossible Hot Dogs
Impossible Hot Dogs join the brand’s line-up, photo provided by Impossible Foods /

According to Impossible Foods, these hot dogs contain 12 grams of protein, 9 milligrams of cholesterol, and no added or synthetic nitrates or nitrites (but “naturally occurring in cultured celery powder” are used). While people can debate the better for you potential of this plant-based offering, the reality is that all of it does not matter unless that taste satisfies. As long as the hot dog tastes like that big people know, it will never hit the bun.

For those located in New York City, they can get a first taste of the Impossible Hot Dogs on December 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The special location will be announced via the Impossible Foods Instagram page.

Although launching a hot dog in the winter season might not be expected, it is a way to build excitement for the product. During the winter chill, many people might be dreaming of those warm summer days eating all those delicious food offerings from the grill.

As people get that first taste, it will be interesting to hear their feedback. While the plant-based hot dog was created to go with any and every potential topping, some ideas might be better than others. More importantly, it is vital for that Impossible offering to be enjoyable just on its own. Like any dish, if the condiments over power the main protein, there might be an issue.

When can everyone start grilling the new Impossible Hot Dogs? They will hit store shelves in 2024. What could be next for the plant-based food brand? This brand has not tackled fish, yet. Maybe next year they will be casting off into that category.

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