This hot cocoa swap makes for a more satisfying drinking experience

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Childhood memories might recall snow filled play followed by a pipping hot mug of chocolate deliciousness topped with marshmallows. Even if it was hard to wait for that first sip, the prospect of scalding the tongue made patience a virtual. While that marshmallow might be floating island of sweetness, it does not have to be the only food bringing extra flavor to the cup. This hot cocoa swap brings a savory note that is hard to resist.

Even though the winter months might be full of sweetness, some people can prefer a little savory note. It does not mean that the spoonful of sugar is banished from the conversation. Instead, it is an option to change the perspective. Just like how a cheese course can end the meal in a different direction, a savory beverage does have merit.

During Wisconsin Cheese’s Art of Cheese Festival, the coffee, chocolate, and cheese pairing event offered an idea that changed what can be floating in that warm, comforting beverage. One pairing showcased the idea of enjoying a piece of bread cheese in a mocha. Although this idea might not be found in the local coffee shop, it could be a new trend for the afternoon pick me up.

For those not familiar with bread cheese, it is a cheese style that is usually enjoyed warm or even grilled. The cheese retails its shape and texture as it hits the heat. It is great in a salad, as a side, or eaten however a person pleases.

In this scenario, the cheese was slightly warmed by the mocha. Although the cheese did not necessarily infuse the beverage with flavor, the opposite was slightly true. The cheese started to get a slightly gooey center. More importantly, the outside retained a touch of the beverage with each bite.

While the Art of Cheese Festival event showcased the idea with a mocha, the concept works quite well as a hot cocoa swap. Instead of the marshmallow, the bread cheese offers a heartier bite. It is almost like a snack and a beverage in one.

For this type of pairing, the hot cocoa flavor should be carefully considered. This pairing is not necessarily the time for the old school childhood favorite. Consider a spicy Mexican Hot chocolate or even a gingerbread hot chocolate from a brand like Delysia Chocolatier. Those more nuanced offering can stand up to the bread cheese’s flavor.

Whether it is an afternoon treat or even a new winter morning routine, consider the hot cocoa swap that puts some bread cheese in the mug. It might be the new beverage tradition that brings satisfying smiles all around.

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