2024 Cheese trends predict these flavors will dominate the plate

2024 Cheese Trends by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
2024 Cheese Trends by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin /

While many people have a favorite flavor or food, being on the cusp of a great discovery brings excitement to the plate. According to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, these 2024 cheese trends will be a cut above the rest. Luckily, the award-winning artisan cheese makers are ahead of the curve.

Trying to predict what everyone will crave is never an easy task. Peering into that crystal ball is not an exact science. Blending what consumers always put in their cart with a touch of creativity and experimentation usually determines these ideas. After all, people might want to step a foot out of their comfort zone, but they may not be willing to take a huge leap into the unknown.

This year, the Dairy Farmer of Wisconsin shared five 2024 cheese trends. Speaking to this list, Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin commented, “The most successful businesses in the world are the ones that truly understand their consumers. What people care about and what drives them should always be top of mind for marketers. That’s why we constantly ask questions, review data, and learn as much as possible. Recently we’ve uncovered five key trends that dominated our research and provide great insight for what’s to come in 2024 ranging from the power of connections to global health.”

2024 Cheese trends
2024 Cheese Trends by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin /

What are the five 2024 cheese trends from Wisconsin Dairy Farmers?

The five predicted 2024 cheese trends are: cultivating connections, at-home culinary haven, mindful indulgence, focus on global health and sustainability, and flavor frenzy. While these highlighted terms are individual concepts, they seamlessly blend together, too.

As many people appreciate, food is the common connector. It gathers people around the table, in the kitchen, or wherever food is presented. Once that cheese board hits the table, people flock to get that first taste.

While food might be the gathering point, it is a way to expand people’s thinking. It is more than cajoling the person who never eats blue cheese to finally eat that pungent bite. That favorite cheese can take a new direction. For example, why can’t that cheese curd have some Asian spices instead of the classic cheddar.

Since the home is a safe space to experiment, it is time to blend the new and familiar on the plate. Why not try that bread cheese in a hot cocoa. Getting that extra boost of protein can be a good thing. Whether it is a swap that always happens or just a one-time notion, the idea is to be open to the experimentation.

Whether or not people try one or all of these 2024 cheese trends remains to be seen. Luckily, there are a plethora of options waiting to be tasted under the Wisconsin Cheese label.

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