Blue Moon Home Run Twist has everyone singing a new line to that ballpark song

Blue Moon Home Run Twist alcoholic ice cream
Blue Moon Home Run Twist alcoholic ice cream / Blue Moon

While some people might dream of catching a foul ball, others head to a ballpark for all the delicious food and beverages. The Blue Moon Home Run Twist is the alcoholic ice cream collaboration with Rawlings and Hardscoop that is definitely a flavor home run.

Beer and baseball often go hand in hand. Blue Moon has long been associated with baseball, even before it was available nationwide. Even if other ballparks might have sausage races, the reality is that the Belgium Style Wit Beer pairs perfectly with all the game day fare. From hot dogs to burgers, and even ice cream, that orange forward, wheat beer is always refreshing.

While many people happily raise an orange garnished glass to good times and great refreshment, Blue Moon has looked beyond the glass to creative food offerings. Ideas like Pie Pints have shown that pairing beer and food is both exciting and creative.

The latest offering, Blue Moon Home Run Twist might be the scoop that has everyone screaming for more. Created in collaboration with Hardscoop, the alcoholic ice cream brings together that zesty, bright Valencia Orange Peel flavor with Madagascar Vanilla. At just 2% ABV, it has a little kick but nothing that will send people home before the ninth inning.

Combining Valencia Orange Peel and Madagascar Vanilla is an elevated version of the classic orange and vanilla flavor pairing. For anyone who loves a creamsicle, this idea will pique their interest.

More importantly, it is a nice way to discover another Blue Moon pairing. Even though it might not necessarily need a beer floater, the flavor pairs well with all the other traditional baseball food fare. Why not grab that classic snack with the tattoo inside or sprinkle a handful of peanuts on top. Even some crushed pretzels or even a sprinkling chocolate shavings would be quite enjoyable.

Blue Moon Home Run Twist ice cream
Blue Moon Home Run Twist in partnership with Rawlings and Hardscoop / Blue Moon

Since this special offering is a new way to look at beer and baseball, the Blue Moon Home Run Twist is in partnership with Rawlings. Every purchase comes with a mini Blue Moon mini Rawlings helmet.

As Courtney Benedict, VP of Marketing, Above Premium Beer at Molson Coors. “Rawlings is the perfect partner for us to bring this to life since Rawlings and Blue Moon have deep baseball roots creating the opportunity to bring the best in baseball and the best in beer together just in time for the summer season.”

Some over 21+ fans might recall the pure joy of eating ice cream from one of those mini baseball helmets. Instead of the cone that cracks or the bar that breaks, the helmet ensures that every last spoonful was enjoyed. And, if no one was looking, you could even tip back the helmet like a glass. Since this alcoholic ice cream is not an overly potent potable, hopefully not one tries to wear the helmet as an accessory post-eating.

For anyone who would love the opportunity to enjoy a scoop for themselves, the Blue Moon Home Run Twist is available to order line. It will be available starting May 17 and May 23, while supplies last. A 2-pack sells for $49, which includes shipping. More information can be found at