Casey’s BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza is a slice above the rest

Casey's BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza
Casey's BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza / Casey's

While barbecue might fill the summer table, those flavors do not always have to be served on a bun. The new Casey’s BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza puts all those ingredients on the slice and will become the must have summer food.

As the nation’s fifth largest pizza chain, Casey’s has a very loyal following. Some people might love a simple pepperoni option and others crave that breakfast pizza. While the classics will always be served, the food brand understands that it always needs to look ahead. From embracing food trends to innovative takes on classic concepts, Casey’s is ready to rise to the occasion.

Casey’s BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza takes classic barbecue and serves it in a different way. Not only is the idea unique, but it is also a taste that works well on the brand’s made from scratch dough.  

As Tom Brennan, Casey’s Chief Merchandising Officer said, “Casey’s new BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza exemplifies the unexpected food innovation we continue to deliver to our guests, emphasizing the surprising reality that you can get a delicious meal with fresh ingredients and bold flavors from a convenience store. As the nation’s fifth largest pizza chain, Casey’s continues to deliver the combinations our guests crave, and this time it’s the sweet and savory tastes you'd expect from a summer BBQ.”

According to Casey’s, the pizza features slow-smoked pulled pork, real mozzarella, bacon, cheddar cheese, red onions, Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and thick-cut pickles. The contrast of sweet, smoky, tangy, and unctuous makes for a perfect bite.

First, the double cheese is a nice touch. While the mozzarella is classic for pizza, that note adds a touch of saltiness. The cheddar brings some depth. Additionally, the extra cheese adds a nice gooey factor.

Although some people might find the pickles controversial, that crunchy, briny note is essential. It helps keep the heartier flavors from being to much and the sweetness from being too cloying. Before the pickle police raise their hands, it is best to try the complete bite before picking off those flavor bombs.

One of the reasons why this pizza flavor works well is because of Casey’s dough. That made from scratch dough is key to the food brand being able to offer so many different toppings. From the texture to the flavor, it is the perfect backdrop to all those ingredients.

Casey’s BBQ Pork Pizza is available now. A large pizza costs $16.99.