Casey’s Chief Pizza and Beer Officer reveals his favorite pizza and beer pairing

After searching far and wide to find one person who appreciates the flavor, nuances, and excitement of the perfect pizza and beer pairing, the Casey’s Chief Pizza and Beer Officer assumed his coveted role in the Casey’s empire. What does the CPBO reveal as his favorite food pairing?
Casey's Chief Pizza and Beer Officer hired
Casey's Chief Pizza and Beer Officer hired / Casey's

When Casey’s announced that it was looking to hire its first Chief Pizza and Beer Officer role, many people shared their love of the uber popular pizza. From the classic pepperoni to starting the day with a breakfast pizza, few pies can match that flavor from the freshly made dough and delicious toppings.  

Speaking to this new role in the company, Tom Brennan, Chief Merchandising Officer at Casey’s shared, “As The Official Pizza and Beer Headquarters, it was extremely important for Casey’s to add the position of Chief Pizza & Beer Officer. Eating pizza and sampling beer is more challenging than it sounds, especially when you have the pizza and beer pairing curiosity and enjoyment of Casey’s Country resting on your shoulders.”  

One person was the perfect fit for Casey’s. With the help of NFL defensive tackle and well-known content creator Anthony “Spice” Adams, the decision was made.  Joe Cruz is the new CPBO.  

Sharing his thoughts on his new role, Cruz said, “Casey’s has always been my go-to for pizza, beer and fuel. When I found out I could be Caseys’ first-ever Chief Pizza & Beer Officer and bring mouth-watering pizza and beer combinations to Casey’s guests, I knew I wanted in. From breakfast pizza to BBQ chicken pizza to the crowd-pleasing pepperoni pizza, I’ve tried nearly every Casey’s pizza – and am confident my refined palate can help choose the perfect beer pairing for each.”    

While Cruz will be a great ambassador for Caseys, his first order of business was to share his favorite pizza and beer combo. Cruz said, “My favorite pairing is Casey’s Supreme Pizza and Busch Light.” Maybe he can lead the way to bringing back that ultimate Beer Cheese Breakfast Pizza.  

Looking ahead, Casey’s can leverage this new role throughout its social media channels and brand partnerships. From upcoming sporting events to holidays to just a new way to look at Friday night pizza orders, the possibilities are endless.  

Cruz seems like he is up for the rigors of his new position. His submission video shows that he has a love of pizza, beer, and pop culture. Maybe he could even push the boundaries of pizza and beer pairings. Only time will tell.  

Whether it is the big game, end of the week, or just a craving for that flavor, Casey’s has a hot, fresh pizza and an ice cold beer waiting. Sometimes the best food pairings are the ones that never go out of style.