Celebrate the graduate’s big achievement with Hershey’s World's Largest Candies

Hershey's World's Largest Candies
Hershey's World's Largest Candies / Cristine Struble

As the first few bars of Pomp and Circumstance play, graduates beam and friends cheer. Walking across that stage represents years of hard work and dedication. Why not bring a gigantic sweet celebration to mark the occasion with Hershey’s World's Largest Candies.

Finding the perfect graduation gift is never easy. Whether the budget controls the purchase or a wish list drives the buy, arriving with a present that is unlike the other options on the gift table can be difficult. Instead of adding to the Dr. Seuss book collection, consider an edible treat that will make an impression at the party.

Available from Hershey’s, the World’s Largest Collection takes some of the brand’s most iconic candies and supersizes them. Although these offerings might be best enjoyed with a group of friends, it is the over the top way to celebrate the graduate’s big achievement with an extra serving of sweetness.

Even though some brands offer personalized candies or messages written on the shell, size can make a huge impression. Just like the encouragement to dream big to fulfill that educational goal, sometimes the physical representation of that concept resonates. It might take a week to finish this candy bar, but that time is just a silver of all the hard work which led to that diploma.

For example, the World’s Largest Hershey’s Bar is a gigantic 5lb candy bar. Although does not necessarily take two people to bring this treat to the table, the reality is that the huge Hershey’s is perfect for the chocolate lover. Whether a piece at a time is eaten or chunks are carved at random, people will be basking in the deliciousness for a while.

While this Hershey’s Chocolate Bar makes a great gift, it could also be a dessert for that graduation party. Instead of another sheet cake or plate of cookies, why not make the chocolate bar the centerpiece of the dessert table. Add a little wooden mallet, and let guests smash a chunk for their treat. It would definitely make a dessert table or dessert bar more interactive.

Other options in the World’s Largest Candy collection include Twizzlers Extra Long. While this strawberry candy is more than double the size of the regular Twizzlers, it is more than just size alone that makes this offering a must buy.

Twizzlers often leans into the idea of playfulness with its candy. The extra long candy puts that concept front and center. From creating an image to spelling out a word, there are many ways that this bendable candy can be transformed.

From the gigantic Hershey’s Bar to the extra long Twizzlers, the Hershey’s World’s Largest Candies are a great gift for the graduate. The Dr. Seuss phrase “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” applies to eating these scrumptious sweets. Life is too short not to enjoy a bigger piece of candy.

The Hershey’s World’s Largest  Candies can be purchased online. Check with the website for availability and pricing.