Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo is the ultimate game day snack

While Buffalo wings might be a classic game day food, the new Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo brings that tangy, bold flavor without the sticky fingers.

Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo is now available
Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo is now available / Cheetos

As people prepare their Super Bowl menu, a new food is hitting the bowl. Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo is the bold, crunchy snack that will have people asking for a second helping.  

Buffalo wings and football have been a winning combination. While those saucy, bold drums and flats can be lip smacking good, they can be a little messy. No one wants to stain a favorite jersey, ruin someone’s couch, or mistakenly throw a wing in a moment of frustration. Luckily, Cheetos is stepping up to be the flavorful, crunchy, and convenient solution to skip the saucy mess during the Big Game.  

Speaking to the new Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo flavor, Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay said, “As a culture disruptor, Cheetos has a history of embracing bold flavors and hacking into new snack categories, such as the newest launch of Cheetos Pretzels or fan-favorite Mac 'N Cheese. While we know there's no beating out Buffalo wings as a favorite gameday staple, Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo proves that being second-best can taste just as good." 

The new Cheetos flavor captures that classic Buffalo taste. It has a vinegar forward, slightly tangy, and delightfully spicy flavor. Although not as extreme as a Flamin’ Hot, it does have that nice slow burn that people expect from a Buffalo flavor.  

While many people would be happy to eat handful after handful of these snacks, the new food flavor is a game changer for some creative recipes. Over the years, many people have come to appreciate that Cheetos dust can be used as a crust, a crunchy topping, or even as a garnish on a beverage.  

For example, why not pulverize this flavor and make it a rim on a Bloody Mary. Celery pairs well with both food choices, so it makes for an easy combination.  

Or, why not use the Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo as a coating for some homemade chicken tenders. Coat the chicken and cook it in the air fryer for a delicious experience.  

The new Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo joins the permanent flavor line-up. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.