Chili’s margaritas continue to be the pinnacle causal restaurant cocktail

Chili's Presidente Margarita
Chili's Presidente Margarita / Cristine Struble

While the warm welcome might set the tone when guests enter the restaurant, the signature shake of a Presidente Margarita makes all the heads turn. Sizzling fajitas might fill the space with a delectable aroma, but the iconic Chili’s margaritas have and will continue to set the casual restaurant apart from its competitors.

When Chili’s was founded decades ago, the principal concept was a grill and bar. The food needed to appeal to a wide range of guests, but the “bar” aspect was equally as important. Long before there were conversations about “momma juice,” the restaurant brand understood that offering a refreshing, reasonably priced cocktail that paired with its food would bring people back time and again.

Even though Dallas might have been credited with starting the frozen margarita concept, Chili’s has its own long, storied history with the margarita. While the original $1.50 pricing might no longer be part of the restaurant brand’s marketing concept, the margarita, in its many forms, is and will continue to be front and center on its menu. That classic cocktail is key to Chili’s continued success.

Whether a guest enters a Chili’s restaurant close to the original location on Dallas’ Greenville Avenue or pulls up a chair at the bar in Des Moines, Iowa, everyone knows that a great margarita will always be available behind the bar. From the signature sour mix that is always refreshing to creative takes on current cocktail trends, guests know that they can trust Chili’s to shake a refreshing margarita every time.

The consistency in flavor is key to the Chili’s margarita. While the restaurant brand has the sales volume, it is more than cocktails served that ensures a perfect pour every time. It is the thoughtfulness in the build.

For example, the Presidente Margarita might use Lunazul Respodo Tequila but the Skinny Margarita uses Teremana Blanco Tequila. Customizing the tequila to the particular cocktail enhances the flavor enjoyment. It is one of the reasons why Chili’s has so many tequila options behind the bar. A great tequila is as vital to a margarita as is the other ingredients in the glass.

While the classic Presidente Margarita is the signature Chili’s cocktail, it is the depth of options that make Chili’s the place for margaritas. Just looking at its menu, there are more than 10 cocktails listed. Plus, there are specialty monthly offerings, too. The Chili’s bartenders can shake a flavor that quenches any craving.

Although the bar can be full of options, the bounty does not dilute the Chili’s margaritas concept. In a way, the variety ensures that any and every guest can find a cocktail that fits their flavor preference. From the new Spice-A-Rita to a vacation inspired Tiki Beach Party Marg, there is an option for every mood, food pairing, or just because moment.

Additionally, Chili’s margaritas pair with the restaurant’s core menu components. From that new Big Smasher to those Chicken Crispers, the tangy sour cocktail complements the robust flavors in the food. Plus, who hasn’t just ordered chips, salsa, and a margarita to kick off a Friday night of fun?

Lastly, Chili’s understands that the cocktail is more than just liquid served in a glass. From presenting the Presidente Margarita tableside to the special glassware used for each cocktail, it turns the beverage into a moment. In today’s world where the camera eats or sips first, how that beverage looks is as important as it tastes.

In the end, humming a few bars about ribs might a nod to the most memorable jingle, but the sound of the Presidente Margarita making its way through a restaurant makes everyone thirsty. Isn’t it time that you give in and quench that thirst for some Chili’s margaritas?