Churro cravings: The cinnamon sugar flavor soars in popularity

Nesquik Cinnamon Churro Flavored Powder
Nesquik Cinnamon Churro Flavored Powder / Nesquik

From flavoring a beverage to transforming a favorite treat, the sweet, cinnamon flavor that epitomizes a churro is not limited to just that warm, crisp dough. It is time to satisfy those churro cravings in a multitude of ways.

While that warm, fresh churro served with dipping sauces after dinner is delicious and the handheld options at theme parks bring some whimsy, people crave that flavor all the time. Building up anticipation to that occasional treat can be difficult. Luckily, more food brands have infused their products with that flavor.

The most recent brand joining the churro flavor trend is Nesquik. The Nesquik Cinnamon Churro Flavored Powder transforms a simple glass of milk into a sweet, spicy beverage. While people will have to find their perfect ratio of powder to beverage, this offering does not necessarily have to be limited to milk.

For example, a spoonful of Nesquik Cinnamon Churro Flavored Powder in coffee is quite enjoyable. It can take a regular roast from boring to exciting. Whether a splash of cream is added or enjoyed without that dairy, that hint of spicy, sweet adds some versatility to the coffee cup. Who needs another mocha with this option is available?

In addition to churro flavors coming to the beverage space, Jell-O launched a churro pudding. The Jell-O Churro Delicioso makes it easy and convenient to satisfy that cinnamon sugar craving. From a simple dessert after dinner to a treat snuck into a lunchbox, the ready to eat food has quickly become a top seller.

After the success of OREO Churros and coffee shops infusing churro flavors in their beverages, it seems clear that this food trend will continue to grow. Whether it is a breakfast food, a snack, or a dessert, the churro cravings are not going away anytime soon. As more products hit the shelf, there will be plenty of ways to satisfy that hunger.