Dunkin sprints into Spring with new Churro latte, donut and more

Dunkin Churro Latte and Donut
Dunkin Churro Latte and Donut / Dunkin

While some people might still be playing the DunKings anthem, there is a new drop that will have people running to Dunkin. The new Churro latte and donut are one of several new food and beverage items hitting the menu.

Although the flowers might not have yet bloomed and there might still be a possibility of snow, Spring is on the horizon. Everyone is excited for bright, zesty, and sweet offerings that bring the promise of warmer weather and sunnier days. Even if there might be a few showers sprinkled throughout the season, the winter doldrums are behind everyone.

Dunkin is kicking off its Spring menu with multiple new food and beverage offerings. For guests who love the sweet, cinnamon churro flavor, there is both a latte and a donut to enjoy.

The churro donut brings that classic dessert flavor without the trip to a theme part or carnival. The fried cake dough has the perfect crunchy exterior that has been smothered in cinnamon sugar. The contrast of texture with the sweetness is irresistible.

Plus, the churro donut can be paired with the new churro latte. Available in both hot and ice options, it brings the sweet, cinnamon sugar flavor with a little extra caramel sweetness. Consider dunking that donut into the coffee for the ultimate eating experience.

Dunkin SPARKD' Energy
Dunkin SPARKD' Energy / Dunkin

Sip and energize with the new SPARKD’ Energy beverage at Dunkin

While the churro inspired food and beverage offering brings the sweetness, Dunkin is ready to keep everyone running morning, noon, and night with its newest beverage offering. SPARKD’ Energy is a fruit forward beverage. Combining caffeine with vitamins and minerals, the beverage looks to be an anytime pick-me up.

Beth Turenne, Dunkin’s Vice President of Category Management commented, “America turns to Dunkin’, from sunrise to sunset, to help them power through their day. With the introduction of SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’, we set out to create a deliciously unique option for our guests. It’s not just another energy drink; it’s a totally new way to run on Dunkin’, incorporating the flavors that we know our fans enjoy.”

The two SPARKD’ Energy flavors are Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine. The Berry Burst combines raspberry and strawberry. This flavor should be sweet, but the raspberries should add a hint of tartness that will have drinkers thirsty for more. The Peach Sunshine combines peach and lychee. That tropical note from the lychee adds a little intrigue to the otherwise familiar stone fruit.

Dunkin Breakfast Empanada
Dunkin Breakfast Empanada / Dunkin

What new Dunkin food item pairs well with the SPARKD Energy beverage?

A first for Dunkin, the restaurant brand is adding a breakfast empanada. While there are many breakfast burritos across quick service restaurants, the breakfast empanada is not common. This new food choice will set Dunkin apart from its competition.

The breakfast empanada stuffs scrambled eggs, sausage and melty cheddar cheese inside a buttery crust. The key to any good empanada is the contrast in textures. As long as Dunkin crust is flakey, it will be a hit.

These new food and beverage items are available at Dunkin restaurants starting today. Check with each location for availability and pricing.

 In addition, Dunkin will offer various promotions throughout the Spring season. Check with the Dunkin app for more details and offers.