OREO Churro flavor brings the sweet fun to springtime

OREO Churro limited time flavor
OREO Churro limited time flavor / OREO

After blasting off to space and offering a taste of tiramisu, the latest limited edition sandwich cookie flavor to hit store shelves is going to be a huge hit. OREO Churro arrives for spring and everyone will want to get that first taste.

According to an announcement on its social channels, OREO is adding a churro flavor. Available starting on March 27, the dessert offers a totally new approach for the iconic sandwich cookie.

Instead of using the classic chocolate or golden cookie flavor, the OREO Churro features a brand new fried dough flavored cookie. While that twist might not sound like a huge development, it does significantly change the eating experience.

For example, a fried dough note means that the taste should have a little buttery, nutty, indulgent slant. It needs to feel slightly more unctuous than traditional OREO cookies.

In between those cookies lies a churro flavor crème. That layer needs to be sweet yet cinnamon forward. One of the best parts of a churro is the slightly spicy note from the cinnamon sugar coating.

Based on the photo and a note from the OREO team, there is no mention of cinnamon sugar in the crème or on the cookie. While that addition could have added some texture and sweetness, it might not be necessary. If people close their eyes and can taste the hot, fresh churro, like one from a theme park or street fare, OREO will succeed in this offering.

In addition, the new OREO flavor will be a hit with culinary creatives who like to transform those cookies. Beyond the simple combination with ice cream or layered in a dessert, this flavor would make a great crust for a pie or a cheesecake. The cinnamon flavor would work well with a dulce de leche or a coffee, or a chocolate and coffee, combination.

The new OREO Churro flavor hits store shelves on March 27, 2024. Check with retailers for availability and pricing. It is unclear how long this limited time flavor will be available.