OREO Space Dunk Cookies are a sweet taste of the cosmos

OREO Space Dunk cookie
OREO Space Dunk cookie / OREO

OREO wants to dunk those classic sandwich cookies into a new experience. With the OREO Space Dunk Cookies, the cosmic inspired treats will have people dreaming of going to infinity and beyond.  

As rockets seem to blast off on almost a daily basis, people are doing more than just gazing at the stars. Although it might not necessarily be a scene from the cartoon Jestons’ world, a close encounter, or another fictional mission, the reality is that breaking the earth’s atmosphere is happening and more people are becoming part of that elite group.

With this increased space awareness, the concept is infusing favorite food brands with out of this world flavor. Whether it is bringing bold, flavorful condiments to space or quenching the thirst from another dimension, vast area beyond the atmosphere is waiting to be explored and people are hungry for more.

What can people expect from the new OREO Space Dunk Cookies?  

The latest flavor joining the OREO line-up is a galaxy-inspired limited-edition cookie. According to the brand, the “OREO Space Dunk Cookies are stuffed with layers of blue and pink “cosmic creme” with a marshmallow flavor, which is infused with popping candies. In addition, there are five galactic embossment designs in every package.

A first for OREO, each cookie has a small cut out. This window gives a glimpse of the swirled, colorful creme.  

Looking at the flavor, it seems to build on previously released OREO flavors. Popping candies have been used in Fourth of July flavors. Although it is not necessarily as intense as eating the popping candy on its own, it feels like little burst of excitement in each bite.  

By using a marshmallow flavor, it can be a little sweet. But, it plays well with the popping candies.  

Lastly, the colors capture that visual people associate with space. The idea of swirls of blue and pinks could have some people thinking of those galactic images sent from space.  

As part of the launch for the OREO Space Dunk Cookies, one lucky person will have an opportunity to take flight with Space Perspective. According to OREO, “the winner will safely enjoy unprecedented views of our planet through the largest windows ever flown to space, a world-class meal and cocktail service, Wi-Fi, and lavatory.” More details on how to enter and the prize are available from OREO.  

To pre-order the OREO Space Dunk Cookies, please visit liftoff.OREO.com. The limited-edition flavor will hit store shelves on January 31.