OREO Dirt Cake and Tiramisu Thins offer a little extra whimsical twist

OREO Dirt Cake cookies
OREO Dirt Cake cookies / OREO

While some people might twist their sandwich cookie to answer the difficult questions in life, the two new flavors might have people opting to eat both offerings. Ready to try a taste of OREO Dirt Cake and Tiramisu Thins?

When OREO launches a limited time flavor, many people run to get that first taste. From recent offerings that were out of this world to favorite dessert flavors, people cannot get enough of the iconic sandwich cookie’s transformations. Without ever taking away what makes that iconic OREO great, the specialty flavors bring an extra serving of excitement.

The latest offerings build on a recent food trend, nostalgia. Slightly different from comfort food, these flavors tap into favorite memories. One bite can have that moment come flooding back in the best way. More importantly, these cookies do not require any baking or extra work.

The OREO Dirt Cake is a take on that classic dessert. Although this sandwich cookie does not require a spoon, it captures the flavors from that sweet treat. The brownie flavor crème is rich. Combined with classic chocolate crème, the double chocolate experience makes the flavor feel indulgent but not too over the top.

The most interesting part of these cookies is the gummy worm-inspired sprinkles on top. While OREO has used popping candies and other textural elements, gummy worm-inspired sprinkles are not only colorful but unique in texture. It will be interesting to see where how this concept can be used in the future.

The OREO Dirt Cake flavor will be available nationwide for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.

OREO Tiramisu Thins
OREO Tiramisu Thins / OREO

The Tiramisu Thins are the crisp, crunchy cookie that feels like a big indulgence. Even though the layer of tiramisu crème is thin, it packs a big punch.

Whether paired with a coffee for a little afternoon break or a simple dessert at the end of the meal, many people will want to keep a package hidden in the pantry. Or, for an over the top treat, consider layering these cookies in a tiramisu inspired dessert. Adding these cookies to a parfait would be delightful.

The Tiramisu Thins are joining the permanent line-up of OREO cookies. Check with stores for availability and pricing.